Service My Room

There are two things up for discussion today: early mornings and music. Taking the second first: music in porn films? Should it be banned? Does it work? Is it as bad now as it was way back when the 70s plink-a-plonk plinked away over the sounds of grunting and grinding? Over at Drill My Hole, and on other Men dot com sites, they’ve actually got the music thing down to a fine art, as you will hear when you watch the latest scene from this top site. ‘Service My Room’ starts off with some music over the visual and the two things work perfectly. You’ve got toned and fit, handsome and moody looking Trevor Tripp standing at a window of some great looking apartment in the early morning and the sight of him, half dressed and rugged works well with the nice, atmosph Johnny music that’s playing over the top. So, that’s a vote of ‘yes’ from me for music, at least at the start of porn films.

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After a moment or too, equally hunky Johnny Rapid comes into shot and he’s wearing only a towel. It’s early morning you see and that’s the other topic: sex, first thing in the morning, a goer or a no-go? (As long as teeth have been cleaned I’m for a ‘goer’ on this one.) Johnny joins Trevor at the window, and the two gods-of-men pass looks between each other. There’s no dialogue (and that’s a discussion for another day, porn movie dialogue) but there’s a lot said with their eyes and body language. We have two very attractive male models here and both Johnny Rapid and Trevor Tripp ooze sexuality and all they are doing is looking at each other, and filling us with anticipation. This is particularly outstanding when you consider that this is only Johnny Rapid’s first movie for the site and only Trevor’s third.

They soon get down to the action that we came in to see, those looks soon lead to some kissing and fondling and Johnny dropping his towel to sow is his hard, eight inch and uncut cock. The music politely fades at this point as Trevor drops to his knees and starts to work on Johnny’s length. Johnny is naked, showing off some nice tattoos, and face-fucking Trevor like he’s just woken from a horny dream and wants it to contuse into real life. It does, as the two guys move across to the settee. Trevor strips, shows us his soft dick which he strokes to get it hard while also stroking Johnny’s. The guys are evenly matched, Trevor Tripp also has an eight inch uncut cock, and tattoos, and they both describe themselves as versatile bottoms.

After some mutual masturbation Trevor gets back to work on Johnny’s dick once more, bending down to it to show us his cute ass. He slowly runs a condom down Johnny’s cock, so we can now anticipate what’s going to come next; her serves his lover well, tenderly, before lowering himself down over Johnny’s full length and letting it penetrate his ass, all the way in deep, in one slow movement. And then we have this wonderful sight of Trevor Tripp riding Johnny Rapid’s hard dick while he runs his hands over Johnny’s toned chest and the sounds start to turn to rhythmic gasping and words of appreciation.

The guys change positions; Trevor gets some more oral action in on Johnny’s dick, then he sits on it again and slides up and down so we see Johnny’s iron-stiff dick splitting Trevor’s ass cheeks, Trevor’s nuts, red and ready to blow, his cock staying hard as the action speeds up and the pace picks up and… Well, you can check the rest of it out for

Intrusive Instructor

Ah, pool, a game that offers me all kinds of chances to use double entendre when telling you about this scene from Str8 To Gay. Let’s see if I can resist the temptation to talk about balls and stacks and hard cues and what’s in the pockets, and, instead, tell you that this movie stars the incomparable Johnny Rapid in his 122nd movie for the company,, and hot versatile bottom guy, Luke Adams, in his eighth. In this story, Luke is setting up his camera to film the pool table and he is trying to make some kind of educational video. But he needs help, and so he waits for Johnny to come on over. Johnny does and they break the ice with a pool break as the cameras roll. Johnny knocks some balls about but doesn’t have much luck at getting anything in the holes, the pockets, and so he needs Luke to come around and show him what to do.

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We’ve seen this set up before: guy having trouble with taking his pool shot, other guy comes around behind him and help by holding the cue from over his shoulder, meaning he has to get in close and tight to the other guy and things develop from there. What’s neat here is that we’re not expecting what happens next. Johnny Rapid is playing the straight guy in this scene and he objects to Luke Adams’ hard cock pressing against his ass as Luke bends over him to show him how to take his shot. Johnny Rapid straight? Well, apparently so. The story continues:

There’s a bit of a confab, Luke finds Johnny hot, but Johnny doesn’t play that way (suspending disbelief is an art and you need to be pretty arty if you know Johnny). But Johnny is open to persuasion it seem and Luke does the persuading. Basically he offers to suck Johnny’s cock, which is now, surprisingly, hard in his pants. Well, okay then, I’ll take my cue from you, says Johnny (he doesn’t actually say that), and down goes Luke to really break the ice and take control of Johnny’s hard cue. Sorry, cock. Johnny taunts Luke Adams with words, ‘you like that’ and so on, and ‘that’s so good!’ as Luke strokes and sucks his cock. Johnny gets a bit more ‘straight’ and fucks his mouth hard, making Luke gag and Luke manages to suck on for some several minutes before the guys swap around.

So then we have straight guy Johnny Rapid sucking off Luke Adams, which is a pretty hot combination. The straight guy has really given into lust now and jerks and chews on the meat like an experienced gay cock sucker. And all this while the pool balls lay forgoten as other kinds of balls are licked and paid attention to and the guys are striping down. About half way through our straight Johnny gets asked if he wasn’t to try a dick in his ass, and he’s willing to learn, he says. And so now things move into a different frame as Luke Adams starts to fuck Johnny; hot smooth older man fucking the lily white and smooth ass of a straight bottom boy who gets drilled so hard he has to shout out.

Johnny Rapid gets fucked senseless on the couch as Luke drills him a good, long time, bending him into all kinds of positions and slamming away at the younger boy’s hole. He is still fucking hard when Johnny Rapid shoots his load, up and over his own body, making a wet and sticky pool of cum on his smooth chest. Luke shoots over Johnny’s cock and hands, and the creamy ending gives a whole new meaning to the term, Shooting Pool.

Military Sex

I was wondering what gay men’s top fantasies were, I mean what scenarios are at the top of the ‘things to jerk off to’ list? Military sex was one I came up with as being pretty close to the top. Men in uniforms, soldiers, sailors, airmen even, and I think this because there are an awful lot of military gay sex sites out there. And there are even more hardcore military sex DVDs to find and scene from sites. And guess what? ‘Bad Boy Boot Camp’ is one that’s going to blow all the others out of the water. It’s from Drill My Hole which gives it an advantage over many others because we know it is going to be well made and well shot, coming from such a top company. It also has the added attraction of starring Johnny Rapid and Joey Moriarty, two of’s younger porn stars.

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So, what we have now, even before the movie starts is the thought, the fantasy, of two young guys in military uniforms, but known to be cute and hung and both known to be up for anything in the sexy world of hardcore. So what, we wonder is going to happen? Well, the scene starts in the bunk room with two completely dressed for action guys entering and dumping some of their desert gear. These are two cadets, just back from some training exercise and one of them, Johnny has a problem. Actually he has a confession: he got caught having sex in public. (Where was I? I missed it!) The boys are just about to share confessions when the drill sergeant comes in and we get some of that shouting and blustering as the cadets are given a dressing down.

Okay, that done (and done well) and it’s time for the boys to change. This, of course, means getting undressed. Joey Moriarty notices that Johnny has a hardon and so asks him to resume that story about being caught having sex… One thing leads to another and, following that three minute build up, we start on the sex section of the movie that’s now going to last for the rest of the 20 minute fuck-fest. Joey Moriarty starts off by sucking on Johnny Rapid’s hard, long cock, and it’s a very impressive and solid twink cock, slightly curving up and cut. Johnny is not complaining of course, and, with their dog tags swinging, the guys start to really get into this blow job. Joey gets hard while he is doing it so when the guys swap over he’s ready and desperate to get his dick sucked, a job that Johnny carries out with ease.

But then things getter better for Joey Moriarty as he’s invited to try out that famous Johnny Rapid asshole and gets the young cadet sitting on his hard meat. Johnny loves it to of course and rides the thing like an expert, giving both boys pleasure right there on the camp bed. Later, Joey takes the young buck from behind, doggy-style, and we get the really hot sight of Johnny Rapid’s sweet butt cheeks spread; smooth, round and being split by another twinks cock. And then, as if that weren’t enough, the guys swap places and Johnny fucks Joey Moriarty; something this versatile cadet clearly likes.

There’s a great part, towards the end of this scene, where the guys strike up an incredible position, one that lets Johnny get right in deep to Joey’s ass, though he is not looking at him; I’ll let you find that moment for yourself. Rest assured though that it’s a sizzling moment and leads on to a sizzling cum blast finale.

My Brother In Law Part 2

It must be the season for new talent at as Zane Anders is the third or fourth new guy to join the hot line up of newbies in the past few days. As you know, this network uploads a new exclusive scene every single day, seven days a week, and we sometimes have a hard job catching up with them all. But we manage, and today we’ve come to take a look at ‘My brother in law, part 2’ a new scene from Str8 To Gay which stars Zane Anders and long-time favourite, Johnny Rapid.

Johnny should need no introduction to you, but just in case: Johnny Rapid has made over 120 scenes for and is one of the exclusive models, so you will only see him on this site and others in the network. You can access them all when you sign up to one, which is a pretty good deal. He’s a twink with a big cock and a huge libido and has played bottom to some of the other stars from the same team; Colby Jansen, Jarec Wentworth and Connor Maguire included. As for Zane Anders, well, this is his first outing in porn-land so it’s going to be interesting to see how he does. He’s a 6’2” blonde guy with a smooth, fit body, and eight inch cut cock and he describes himself as a top. It’s going to be stimulating to see how he copes with the experienced ass of Johnny Rapid in his first scene.

The scenes starts off with Zane taking some selfies on his phone and, at first glance, he comes across as one cute straight guys. He very soon gets naked, and that’s a pretty hot moment! There’s this guy we’ve never seen before standing totally naked in front of a mirror showing us his full, soft cock and low-hanging nuts, he’s smooth and slim and, well, we’re already on overdrive, sexually, and we’ve not reached the end of minute one yet. And then in comes Johnny, the brother in law, and he’s sporting a new beard which makes him look slightly hunky. The two guys chat about talking selfies, and, well, exposition happens and before long they are on the bed and looking at photos of Zane Andres naked and… Well, the photos need improving so just lay back and Johnny will take some sexy pics. The straight boy gets hard and…

Johnny starts off by feeling up Zane’s hardon while still in his shorts and then grabs it and strokes it gently. It’s an impressive big dick too, with those large nuts, and there’s no way Johnny Rapid is not going to suck that, so, very quickly we move into the suck session. And that gets fast and more frantic the more into it the guys get. Most of the time Zane is chilled out and laid back, but to get decent photos he needs to stand up, and so the guys start changing positions. After a while curiosity overcomes the straight brother in law and he starts on Johnny’s dick.

The highlight of this scene, for me, comes when Zane Anders fucks Johnny Rapid. You would think that he has been doing this kind of porn action all his life, but this is his first scene and pretty incredible it is too. After many minutes of boner-blowing banging, these two guys shoot their loads, and Zane dumps his right across Johnny’s smooth chest. It really is a well-acted, well shot and fantastic debut scene for Zane Anders, and one you’ve got to have in your collection.

The horny young scout

As soon as I saw the title of this movie I thought of an old Cadinto film which had a very similar name. It’s still a popular fantasy, that of the horny young scout, out on some adventure with his friends, in a uniform, alone in a wood, alone in a tent, hormones racing… So, I am interested to see how the new series from Big Dicks At School measures up, and how it does on the scout-sex fantasy scale.

It gets off to a good start with the cast list: Johnny Rapid, the ubiquitous king-twink of Men dot com just back from a ‘Tour of Duty’ with Colby Jansen and a model who is exclusive to the company/network. This is Johnny’s 116th moive appearance and he’s appearing alongside a young guy who is making his first appearance. CK Steel is a 5’4” Leo with a six and a half inch cut cock, smooth body, a few tattoos and soft, ‘kiss me’ lips. So, here we have the scout sex fantasy and two hot looking younger guys as the models, looks like this could all add up to one hot scene.

It starts with a small group of scouts (which wets our appetite for future episodes), and the hunky scoutmaster. The boys are on camp, taking a break from school it seems, and they’re getting their orders when Johnny and CK slip away into the woods. None of the guys wants to do as they are told and these two waste no time in slinking away. So, we cut to the woods and there are the guys doing what scouts do: walking, talking, playing with a snake… and, after playing with a real snake, Johnny is caught playing with his own trouser snake, big and hard and poking out through his shorts. CK is not too sure what to make of this to start with, but is soon persuaded to join in.

So we get this totally horny sight of Johnny Rapid and CK Steel standing in the woods, wanking each other’s cocks through their scout pants, and then going down on each other. These twinks know what makes a scene horny and in this case it’s the scout uniform, and the way the guys keep it on as CK sucks Johnny’s cock long and hard. And then, in some shots which could be pure Cadino, Johnny is sucking the new boy and you get this feeling that CK is a virgin to all of this, which makes this scene even hotter, if that’s possible.

The scene moves on, we get plenty of action and anal, and all still with the uniforms on and the boys swapping roles so both twinks get fucked and both do the fucking. Johnny Rapid and CK Stele make for a great pair of horny young scouts fucking in the woods as the sun goes down, and if you ever had a fantasy about boy scouts, you’re going to find it lived out in this hot new series.

The Legacy

Brad Kalvo is a great big hairy bear who loves to fuck twinks. He’s made three movies for Men dot com in the last year, and each time he gets to play top to some cute smooth young thing or other; Ryan Sharp, Tyler Morgan and now the ever youthful Johnny. This scene, titled The Legacy, is made for Big Dicks At School, the network’s school, college and classroom fantasy site. Being from it is exclusive to the network, well made with great lighting and good sound, it runs for the standard length of time for a hardcore scene, around 25 minutes, and it has high production values.

It also has a brief story. We start with Brad at a desk in a suit and tie looking every inch the teacher. And there are quite a few inches involved in Brad when you get to see him stripped down, as you will later. He wears a big bushy beard to match his big bushy pubes and his hairy-bear appearance, and he dominates the room he is in. Into this room comes young Johnny for a one to one with his councillor, and a debate ensues. This makes for a bit of a background and build up to the story and gives the guys a chance to show off their acting skills which are, I have to say, not bad at all.

Before long though Johnny is told to strip down for a physical inspection and, while Brad looks on, we get a chance to remind ourselves of why he is one of the top twink stars working today. Brad seduces his student, though Johnny seems quite happy to go along with it, and he uncovers Johnny’s cock, hard and ready for action as always. Johnny, ridged as a pole, fucks the older man’s hairy mouth and his teacher lets him. In fact Brad works his young cock for a good long session before he starts to explore the boy’s ass.

From then on we are into younger/older at its best, with Johnny servicing Brad’s cock as the older man undresses from his work clothes, showing us his bodybuilder body and his great fat dick, a dick that has Johnny choking before long as he gives it head on the bed. The bed is put to good use soon after as Brad starts to work Johnny’s ass with his cock. Again it’s classic older/younger and hairy/smooth action here with Johnny fucked by the older man on all fours and then on his back. I think it is safe to say that by the end of this scene Johnny gets what he came to see his councillor for, and a bit more.

Topher DiMaggio and Johnny Rapid at

Take Off Your Clothes is a new scene from the Drill My Hole stable starring the ever popular Topher DiMaggio and Johnny Rapid. Both of these models are fit, muscular, inked, well endowed and a delight to watch.
There is little introduction here, and we are taken straight to the action. The scene starts with the two room-mates in their apartment late at night, preparing to head to bed. There is however, some obvious sexual tension in the air and the guys hesitate while they eye each other and try to read their mate. Johnny takes the plunge and follows Topher into his bedroom,where we hear the immortal line, “Take off your clothes.”

Johnny undresses to reveal an impressive set of tattoos, and his flaccid but very meaty cock. Topher also strips and reveals his glorious eight and a half inch cock that is already springing to life. Johnny goes down on Topher in an intense cock sucking session. Topher has a smooth, toned body, and a big pair of nuts hanging below his long schlong. Johnny spends time touching and exploring Topher’s body, before leaping onto the bed and squatting over Topher’s eager man meat.
A very long, and hot, ass pounding follows with Topher taking his room mate in a variety of positions. He moves his hips slowly up and down as he sits on Topher’s tool. He faces Topher, then turns around, showing off both his toned ass and huge floppy cock to the camera as his hole is drilled. Towards the end of the scene Topher takes that bubble butt doggy style and the heat continues to increase.
Before the fade out, both guys reach hot and messy climaxes. Rapid first, quickly followed by Topher. This isa hot scene, and another winner from Drill My Hole. The models have great chemistry, and have captured that on screen with one hot, and very long anal session.

Cam Play 2 with Christian Wilde and Johnny Rapid

You can always reply on Drill My Hole to get straight to the point. Cam Fun 2 doesn’t hang around in its setup for very long. Sexy tattooed stud Christian Wilde is on Cams.Men doing some sexy chat with horny young thing Johnny Rapid. There’s a quick exchange and them an invitation to go private. Strange thing is, Christian doesn’t have to click any buttons or use any credits, he just needs to walk across the room and there he is, hard-on bulging in his jeans and young twink-jock Johnny ready and waiting for him.
Johnny gets straight down on Christian’s eight inches, and gives it some good, long blowing. He gets as much of it down his throat as he can, gags a bit and then gives it some more. Christian starts to undress, showing his tats and his muscles and Johnny gets his own dick out and starts to play with it, getting it hard. He soon has a rhythm going, stroking his own cock at the same time and speed as he is heading the other guy’s shaft. The two go from standing up to lying down, get completely naked and then that cock gets even more mouth-worship from young Johnny while his own cock gets even more fist attention.

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About half way through this hot scene Johnny simply climbs aboard Christian’s cock and lets it slide all the way in as he lowers himself down. I have to say that cock fits that ass like a hand in a glove it’s been that often used by just about every other model. Johnny takes it right on, sliding all the way down before starting a rhythmic bounce up and down. He takes a break to change his position but even during his break he’s so attracted to Christian’s cock the he can’t help but grab a few more slurps. And then he’s being fucked again and you’ve got this wonderful sight of his smooth round twink ass split by the eight inch shaft, with Christian slapping his butt cheeks and Johnny gasping out in pleasure.

The hard ass pumping carries on with Johnny in doggy position and crying out that no one has ever done him like this, and I have to agree, there’s a lot of horny sounds coming from this room and lots of hot visuals as well. Things reach an inevitable and very sticky climax and you’re left wondering if such dreams can come true. If you logged in to Cams.Men could you magically appear beside one of their hot models? Well, maybe not, but you could get the next best thing; it’s worth trying!

Gay Pornstar Johnny Rapid with Donny Wright

Johnny Rapid is a model with Men dot com, but I expect you already knew that. He’s a twink, he’s got a nice cut cock, he’s usually a bottom and he is a Virgo. You may have known all that too, but did you know his favourite city is Wellington in New Zealand? And did you know that he has nearly hit 100? Well, OK, so no he is not a 100 year old twink, but this movie, The Blogger, from Drill My Hole, is his 99th for the company. And in it he plays a guy starting off a new blog with a post where he recalls some great sex.

The sex took place in some anonymous hotel room, by the looks of it, where Johnny was taking a shower. He came out of the shower all warm and hard already to find tanned and older hot totty Donny Wright in bed watching porn and stroking his hard eight incher. So, what’s a boy like Johnny to do but take a chance? He drops his towel, showing us his gorgeous twink dick and waits to see what Donny will do. Donny invites him over and Johnny doesn’t need a second invitation.

He’s down on that hot rod in seconds, swallowing it all down and savouring the full length of it. Donny soon replays the fun favour and starts on Johnny’s cock, and then the guys swap around and start on a 69. This suck session is really nicely filmed, including some shots taken from above, a new technique that I notice has been making its way into some of the movies from DMH; it works really well. But you know what also works really well? Johnny’s ass, and he is known, in his 99 movies, for having an ass that just can’t say no.

Half way through the scene he is lowering himself over Donny’s dick and swallowing it all again, only this time with his ass. As Donny flips him over and takes him from behind the contrast of his dark tan against Johnny’s white skin is great to see, as is the site of his thick dick drilling the twink’s hole. He does this for a long, slow session all the time bringing both guys closer to shooting. Johnny Rapid cums while he is being fucked, something he clearly finds a turn on. And Donny finds the sight of a smooth twink butt a turn on too as that’s where he chooses to dump is thick load.

Another great one from DMH with our favourite twink. What I want to know is, what do they have lined up for Johnny Rapid’s 100th scene? Can’t wait to find out! More Gay Pornstar Videos at – enter here

Stepfather’s Secret Part 4

The truth will out, as they saying goes and in this scene it certainly does come out. Horny stepdad Dirk Caber has been screwing around with younger guys, his step-son Johnny Rapid was the first, then came cute and boy next door Scott Harbor and then would-be mechanic Trevor Spade. Stepdad Dirk has had each of their cute little asses, one after the other in the previous three parts of this totally awesome series of older/younger scenes from Jizz Orgy.

And now comes part four and I am not sure if it is the last in the series, or simply a kind of ‘catch up’ episodes. Whichever it is it gives us all three twinks to date together in one room playing ‘truth or dare’, during which the truth comes out. Johnny and Scott and Trevor are playing the childish game, daring each together to ring ex-girlfriends, do handstands and then suck toes, and even suck underwear, when they start to ask who last had sex and when. It turns out they’ve all had it pretty recently (as we know). But the game is interrupted when big hulking stepdad Dirk comes in and wants to join in. During this session it comes out that Trevor was ‘had’ by ‘dad’ the day before and the three guys finally admit: they’ve each had Dirk.

And so, moving into another room, a great four-way session starts with the guys confronting Dirk and then the older man instructing them in how to sexually please each other. It’s got an air of ancient Greece to it with the master teaching the pupils, though that might be elevating if from what it actually is: a damn hot fuck scene with three top twinks and a top top older man. Before long the boys are sucking each other as Dirk watches and strokes. Then they take it in turns to blow each other and Dirk, everyone gets an equal chance and there’ a line of three boys and Dirk each sucking and being sucked, with four hard bodies and cocks on show.

We move into louder and more frantic fuck action a bit later with Dirk drilling Trevor noisily and Johnny taking a top role for change and seeing to Scot’s ass. Then Dirk gets Scott, and Johnny even gets Dirk, as does Scott (hard and fast in a great twink fucks dad moment), until the boys gather around hairy stepdad and one by one shoot their youthful loads onto him in a dream-delight moment of every younger/older fan’s fantasy.

I don’t know if this is the end of this series, I hope not, but I do know that it left me wanting more.

Str8 To Gay pornstar John Evans fucking Johnny Rapid

Bros Who Fuck is the latest scene from Str8 To Gay, one of the sites that takes straight guys and puts them in gay hardcore scenes. This isn’t your ‘gay for pay’ stuff though; these models are doing this (and being paid for it) because that’s what they want to do. There is none of that stuff where a guy off-cam tempts the reluctant straight guy with more cash and then gets to blow him, or fuck him. Here we have well thought out stories, with characters, and so what we get is fantasy viewing, if you like. We get special scenarios that we can imagine ourselves in and that make the horny porn even hornier.

In this scene we’ve got the ever twinky Johnny Rapid a veteran of the network, and he’s appearing with a new guy on the block, John Evans. The reason John is such a special watch in this scene is not just that it is his first, but also that it’s the first time, that I know of, that Johnny has taken a ten inch dick, and yes you read that correctly.

The scene starts with John and Johnny meeting for the first time in a diner and it turns out that John is married and straight, but that he has an open relationship with his wife. So every now and then he likes to swing with guys. And today he is not in the mood for hanging around. He wants to have Johnny here and now; well, in the rest room where he goes to wait while Johnny decides if it is worth the risk of getting caught.

John waits, and while he does he frees up his long cock and starts to get it hard. He doesn’t have to wait long though as soon Johnny is in there, down on his knees and worshiping his great length. And it’s a long, beautiful length too and you don’t have to be into big dicks to appreciate it. Straight guy John fucks the twink’s throat for a long while in the bathroom as the guys slowly strip down, forgetting that there are people outside in the restaurant. As John sucks Johnny’s dick the guys talk about John’s wife, giving a nice str8-to-gay edge to the scene, and then we move on to a great long ass-fucking scene over the sinks, with Johnny’s smooth butt taking all ten inches of John’s long cock.

It’s a great scene, and it comes across really well as a believable story about a straight guy just fancying a bit of baling with a gay guy. The fact that these two are so hot together hopefully means they will be appearing together in more scenes in the future.

Dirk Caber and Johnny Rapid fucking at Drill My Hole

Here’s a tale of ordinary folk, well, not quite that ordinary of course as we’re looking at folk who live within the wonderful world of Drill My Hole and we all know that that means they’re going to be having sex somewhere along the way. But in this tale It’s all about Johnny Rapid and his new stepdad Dirk Caber, and older, hairier bear. Johnny’ just 18 and cute, slim, a twink and just oozes sex and as this scene starts, at the beginning of the day, he’s taking a shower. Dirk though has a similar idea and leaves the wife downstairs while he goes upstairs to get washed.

But that’s where the fun starts. He sees slim and sexy Johnny in the shower, soaping up, exploring his body with his hands, washing himself down, all wet and glistening and sees him paying particular attention to his soft, heavy cock. This is something of a turn on for stepdad Dirk who can’t help but start to play with himself at the doorway, spying on our sexy twink as Johnny starts to get hard. Soon, both guys are sporting rock hard cocks, and Dirk is still acting voyeur, spying through the crack in the door at his young charge’s rampant dick. His own is screaming out for attention too and he just knows he can’t let this horny young man go to waste.

He gets bolder and strips off, entering the bathroom, hand still on cock, as Johnny leans back, eyes closed and jerks himself harder. And then, with a ‘shush’ and a finger on the lips, Dirk takes Johnny by surprise and starts playing with his nuts. The big, dark bear of a man starts exploring the twink’s body with soap and fingers, paying special attention to his exposed, pink, cock head and then his pert, round ass. Johnny returns the favour by blowing him, good and long, right there in the shower. They swap around and the twink gets his cock sucked and teased by the hairy guy before finally giving his older man exactly what he wants:

Johnny offers his ass, slowly sliding down to sit on Dirk’s cut seven inches and from then on it’s dark and hairy body up against white and smooth twink flesh as the guys fuck under the water. Dirk takes his twink up against the wall, he lets the guy back onto him, he turns him on his back and lifts his legs and we get close up as the furry pole drives in and out of the super smooth hole all the way to the climax, which is something you will not want to miss.

I tell you, that scene got my day off to a really good start!

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Johnny Rapid and Rafael Alencar – Repeat Offender

Scenes from 2011’s Prison Shower with Johnny Rapid and Rafael Alencar at Drill My Hole. The couple reunites March 23 for’s 1000th scene – Repeat Offender.

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Gay Groupsex with Johnny Rapid, Tom Faulk and Jack King

So, it’s night-time at the college, the shower room is silent, but dark and good-looking Jack King has a raging hardon and is stroking his cut nine inch cock, with his heavy nuts hanging down and is clearly need to cum. He thought he was alone behind the shower curtain but someone has come looking for him. And that someone is fit and handsome twink, Johnny Rapid, he’s come to ‘get this thing done.’ But what thing? And why the secrecy?

The two guys shower together and then we start to understand: Johnny’s come to suck that great dick, to help Jack get off and the sound of the shower will cover the slurping and pleasure-gasping from the two guys behind the curtain. Johnny is a top cock sucker and really knows how to work a shaft. He gorges his sweet mouth on it while his own cut cocks grows in length between his legs. He deep throats, gags and jerks Jack’s cock and the guys forget where they are. They don’t hear Tom Faulk as he takes his shower next door. But Tom hears them, then sees them and then… well, when you’re invited for a BJ by the best cock sucker on campus, even straight looking tattooed stud Tom has to give in.

A classic three-way starts up with young Johnny being the mouth in the middle that gets to feast on two college jock cocks at once. He sucks one while wanking the other before the guys swap around. Tom really gets into the cock sucking before someone suggests they try something else. Johnny not only has a sweet mouth but he also has a willing and tight ass. Jack knows what he wants and shows Tom exactly how hot it can be to fuck a guy’s ass. Johnny loves it of course and opens up willingly for his dorm mates. He sits on one cock while he sucks the other, his own long meat now flapping around, then being grabbed and played with.

The other two guys take it in turns to fuck his hole, stretching it wide, using it as their plaything, bending him over on his back, plunging in deep, all the way down as Johnny gasps and grunts begging for more. He finally gets his reward as Jack and Tom pour out their juice, hitting Johnny’s chest and getting him in the face with their white goo. Young Johnny is the last to get himself off and soon he’s dripping with jizz and in need of another shower.

College John is another on-going series of sexy adventures, his time at college and is a great example of perfect porn filmmaking from Big Dicks At School. It stars one of’s top twinks, Johnny Rapid who has now made 92 movies for this top gay hardcore site and will leave you in a sweat and in need of a shower too.

Yoga Pants from Big Dicks At School with Andy Taylor and Johnny Rapid

For me, just the opening sight of cute twink Andy Taylor in his lycra workout pants, with his dark brows, bright eyes, youthful expression and sticky-out ears, is enough to grab my interest. I know a great scene is going to unfold, I know I will soon see this twink naked, and my eyes are drawn to is crotch as he starts his yoga routine. Then things get even better as top twink star Johnny Rapid makes an entrance in his black, stretch fit, tight and bulging lycra. The boys chat and Andy jakes Johnny through some warm up exercises, giving us the perfect chance to see their supple bodies stretch and move and bulge in the right places.

This build up is all part of it and this makes for one of the most erotic starts to any Men site scene I’ve seen in a long while. Johnny has made nearly 100 movies for them and this one has to be one of his best. It comes to us from Big Dicks At School, so has the added attraction of being an ‘on campus’ story. Andy adds to the first-time, school-crush fantasy as well, not only with his looks but in the way he slowly starts to move closer towards the other guy, clearly wanting to touch him but nervous about doing so. But Johnny knows. He starts working on his growing bulge in his tight pants as Andy watches and wonders, and then finally gets rewarded by the sight, and taste of the cock beneath.

From then on we’re in familiar twink hardcore territory made more exciting by these two young stars. Pretty boy Andy does has he’s told, he helps Johnny with his aching cock, he deep throats it and all this time we’re dying to see what he has growing harder in his own pants. Finally he gets it out, strong and rigid and sticking out from his slim, smooth body to its full six and a half inches, proud and ready. Johnny gives it a good sucking on the bench before it’s time for Andy to get his first ass-taste of hard twink dick.

You can see how tight his smooth ass is and you can hear how much these guys like to fuck as a great long session starts up, one of the most chemistry-full scenes these guys have shown us. The boys use the bench, they use the exercise ball, Andy gets drilled doggy style but mostly they simply use their smooth, trim bodies in gymnastic positions until the boys can’t hold back. Andy wets his smooth chest with his juice, then Johnny wets his friend’s hole with his, and you know you have just seen the most amazing yoga/sex workout video ever.

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