What turns him on today ?

The good thing about having a twink-whore at your disposal, paid for in advance, is that you can do what you want with him and that, in this case, includes forcing his head down on your hard dick, making him gag, something that clearly turns Johnny Rapid on, as there’s something in his tight red briefs that’s growing by the second. It gets even harder in there when he sees Jaxton take off his shirt and gets to worship his muscular body. With the older guy standing over him, he gets back down on that rock hard cut cock and starts to fuck the boy’s mouth, holding his head still while he shafts in hard, in and out. Soon Johnny has his briefs down and there’s his uncut sexy Colombian cock out and proud for us all to see and savour. Jaxton’s not mean so he is soon down on the twink’s dick and Johnny is getting some expert cock sucking action from his older guy.

But Jaxton Wheeler has come here to fuck some hot ass and that’s’ exactly what Johnny Rapid has, a totally fuckable young ass. So, before much more time has elapsed, we’ve got the two of them right there on the couch, with Jaxton’s hard dick slamming in and out of the young gymnast while he grabs the boy’s cock and jerks it for him. Things get really loud and hot, and deep, as these two fuck their way towards another explosive ending which includes Jaxton Wheeler shooting his jizz all over Johnny Rapid’s face. Let’s hope there’s more of this series to come; we can’t get enough of Johnny Rapid right now.

Johnny Rapid forth scene for gaypornstarstube.xxx

The things some sons will do for their dads! In this sizzling series of movies from Drill My Hole, the son in question is whoring himself for cash, to help the family finances. The ends don’t meet so he has to give up his rear end for guys’ meat and peddle his ass, on dad’s orders, in order to bring in some money. And the whoring son in this case is played by the mightily beddable Johnny Rapid. I did some checking around about this guy, and discovered a few things that might interest you. This is his forth scene for gaypornstarstube.xxx but he is not an exclusive model for them, he appears elsewhere, on other sites, so he’s spreading himself around and doing really well. He’s also proving pretty popular and is now starting to get interviews and pop up in the queer porn news columns on blogs and such like. I found out he’s a gymnast (you can see that from some of the positions he gets into) and that he’s from Colombia, which helps explain his hot looks, tanned skin and dark cock.
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Here he’s playing with Jaxton Wheeler who shouldn’t need any introduction from me, not if you’re a regular and keen hardcore porn fan. But just in case: Jaxton Wheeler has made 14 movies for Men.com now, many of them for Drill My Hole and although he’s appeared with many top names, this is his first time out with our Colombian cutie, Johnny Rapid. ‘Turn My Son Into A Whore – part 3’ starts off with ‘dad’ settling up his debts and even having enough left over for Johnny to get a $300 bonus… after he turns one more trick. And that trick is, of course, the ever studly Jaxton Wheeler. In this scene, bearded and butch, he comes across like your typical all American alpha male. Dad puts the two of them together to chat and then leaves and the guys start to get to know each other: one older and bearded and looking a little bit red-neck, and the other young and cute, a little stocky and wearing only tight red briefs. Jaxton’s got something big and stiff in his pants and it’s not long before Johnny has that out and down his throat.

Str8 To Gay Porn with Johnny And Tommy Defendi

Str8 to Gay has paired up two of their best porn stars in the latest installment of their fantastic series, Fantasy. Tommy Defendi is a high class hooker who has the greatest job of setting up the ultimate fantasy for his clients. The best part of his job is that he is always a part of their fantasy! Tommy’s 9″ cock is fast becoming a legend, and is a ‘must see in action’ type dick. Paired with Johnny Rapid (who appeared in Jock Obsession), both our hunks are gorgeous, well toned, slightly hairy men who fit well together.
Str8 To Gay Porn with Johnny Rapid

In Fantasy Part 3 we quickly figure out from the soundtrack that this fantasy includes jazz. As jazz music plays, Tommy climbs the stairs to his apartment (the one he uses for each fantasy) carrying a bunch of party decorations that look like they are straight out of the 1930s: lots of silver and gold, glitzy andglamorous items. Tommy is dressed to the nines in a suit and a dapper trilby. Soon Johnny arrives; as he checks out the whole room he only has one word to say, “Nice.” After a bit more jazz music, our two guys get right into the fantasy Tommy created for Johnny.
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Tommy’s cock is released and Johnny wastes no time in getting down on that nine inch cock, while Tommy reaches down and plays with his own nuts. Johnny does not neglect Tommy’s sac and gives them as good a sucking as he did the massive dick. Tommy watches all of this through the ceiling mirrors. (We, the audience, are thrilled to see that we can see ass cheeks and blow-jobs all at the same time.) Soon, it is Tommy’s turn to give his client a fantasy blow-job. As he slowly works Johnny’s hard cock, Johnny throws his head back and lets Str8 Gay Tommy know how much he is enjoying it. On and on and on our hunks keep going, sucking each other off, again and again… and we get to see terrific close-ups of all the cock slurping.
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Finally both straight men get totally naked and the ass rimming begins. Butt cheeks spread wide, puckered assholes are invaded by lips and tongues. After lubing him thoroughly, Tommy lowers his monstrous cock into Johnny’s tight hole. Johnny takes the whole 9 inches, as Tommy stretches his asshole to make it in. Soon Tommy is pounding away on Johnny’s ass, sliding in and out as Johnny cries out his pleasure. Johnny’s 1930s fuck-fest fantasy continues on as Tommyaccommodates him in a variety of positions, until finally Johnny is spent and shoots a load of jizz all over Tommy’s hairy body. Tommy removes his cock from Johnny’s ass and squirts his own load of jizz all over Johnny’s hairy chest. Johnny’s festival of Jizz and Jazz concludes in a major explosion of confetti and cum. More of Str8 To Gay Johnny Rapid – Click Here

A Separate Cock

Big Dicks At School is having a bit of a run on new movies at the moment, this is their third to be released in the last three days. But hey! I’m not complaining. This is one of, if not the, top site for all your school and college fantasies. Their videos are exclusively made for the site and the great network that it is a part of, and they are always top class. These guys know how to make a porn film, and they also know how to find models who know how to give excellent and natural performances. In this scene we’ve got the very horny Johnny Rapid (still a twink and yet here he is making his 110th scene for Gay Men) and we’ve also got a new boy on the block, or rather, a new boy at the school.
johnny rapid
Meet Brett Richards. He’s six foot, weighs 160 Lbs, has a seven inch cut cock and describes himself as a versatile top. He’s a good looker as well, with brown hair and blue eyes, a perfectly smooth and unblemished, toned body and deep, ‘take me to your bed’ eyes. But, the all-important question: how is he going to do in his debut scene for Big Dicks At School?

The scene is called A Separate Cock and, as usual for the site, it is exclusive and runs for around 20 minutes. It starts with Johnny (new hair colour?) and Brett sharing some home truths about each other. It’s an erotic build up scene, with two young friends admitting to each other that they fancy each other, that they want to see each other undressed, that they want to get closer to each other. It’s natural and it soon leads to Brett getting his dream come true; Johnny’s hot cock in his mouth. (Well, isn’t it every one’s dream come true?) And so the short, but effective, build up to the scene is over and we are viewing what Johnny does best: hardcore twink sex.

Brett really knows how to work Johnny’s shaved, curvy cock and gives head for a long while before Johnny gets to kneel down and get Brett’s seven inches out and down his throat. Brett has an amazing pair of balls which swing and slap to and fro as he fuck’s Johnny’s mouth. For me, the best moment comes when he lowers himself down over Johnny’s stiff cock and gets his virgin ass impaled on his dick. Versatile top? I’d say he was a versatile bottom the way he rides that cock. Johnny takes him on his back too, so we get great shots from above if two twinks fucking like the horny college boys they are.

The boys prove their versatility a little later as they swap around and Brett fucks Johnny until he cums and then, well, then we get Brett’s first cum shot for BDAS and it’s what I’d call a chest-splatterer. Looks to me like this new boy is going to do well, I loved his performance, his body, his cock and his versatility. But for me, the best thing is his balls. You have to check them out.

Johnny Rapid Cumshot

As promised on twitter here is a 5min video with cumshots.

These cum shots are from 5 episodes:

1) Bros Who Fuck
2) Houseboy Part 3
3) Stepfathers Secret Part 1
4) Stepfathers Secret Part 7
5) Tour Of Duty Part 4

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johnny rapid cum shot

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Pool Shark

Drill My Hole has put out another great film with the release of Pool Shark. This series is great because there is a storyline – as well as great hard core sex – which makes the films much more realistic. The use of appropriate settings, quality music, luscious actors, and story lines make any video produced by Drill My Hole (and company) something worth watching. Pool Shark starts with the latest insomniac, Brandon Lewis, strolling the city streets late at night. Brandon has not slept for over three days, and, in a voice over, we hear how it feels to be an insomniac.

As Brandon strolls through a park he finds Johnny Rapid and the two men decide to head back to Johnny’s place for a little night time fun and a game of pool. Brown haired, blue eyed Johnny cannot wait to go down on the red haired, brown eyed Brandon. They barely get through the door when we see that Brandon is already naked and Johnny is down enjoying that big, hard dick and thick balls. Within minutes Johnny has his pants off and Brandon gets to enjoy a cock in his mouth. Our hunks enjoy the fabulous blow-jobs, but it isn’t long before they are up on the bed.

Johnny sits right on Brandon’s face, the better for Brandon to deep tongue the tight hole and to get the ass lubed and ready for what is to come. Brandon has done a terrific job of preparing Johnny for his large dick, as he rams him deep – in one position after another. Camera work is fantastic as we get to see close-ups of each and every pounding slap of skin on skin. It becomes a scene of white and tan, Brandon all white and smooth, Johnny, golden and just as smooth. Brandon pounds that sweet bubble butt for a good long time, then finally can hold on no longer… he sprays cum all up and down Johnny’s smooth back. Johnny returns the favor and squirts his own load of jizz all over Brandon’s face.

Will Brandon be able to sleep after such great sex and this pool game? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.


Johnny Rapid has been in all three ‘Blind’ movies so far and has made himself a really good name. He loves to drive around and pick up young men who, for some reason, are stranded in the middle of nowhere. He lets them know that he wants something in return for helping them out, and he doesn’t care whether they are straight or gay. He knows what he wants, and that’s usually for them to suck his big cock and for him to fuck them up their ass. Even though he has only done these three movies for Men dot com he is quickly becoming a legend because of how quickly and easily he pulls these good looking teenagers.

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Johnny Rapid is a complete top and with his ten inch (!) cut dick, no one is going to moan about it, unless it’s up their tight ass of course, but that’s a different kind of moaning altogether. He is a fit, six foot one guy who weighs 185 pounds with brown hair, and piercing blue eyes.
The cute hunk he picks up in this movie is Aaron Bruiser. Aaron is a perfect match for Johnny, he is also six foot one, weighs 145 pounds and loves nothing better than someone plugging his tight hot asshole. He has brown hair, blue eyes and this is his second movie so far. Being a good looking twink, older men take a real shine to him, and his ass. This shows in ‘My new stepdad is A Pervert’, where he gets fucked by handsome hunk Adam Herst.
The opening scene in this movie starts off with Johnny Rapid spotting Aaron Bruiser sitting by the road looking a bit lost. He asks him ‘what’s up?’ Aaron tells him that his car has broken down and he doesn’t really know where he is, but he’s miles from home. Johnny asks tells him he can help. And even before Aaron gets in the car Johnny comes out with his chat up line, ‘I do you a favour, you do one for me.’ Aaron looks at him with his innocent eyes and says, ‘sure, why not?’
They haven’t got far down the road when Johnny tells Aaron he wants him to suck his big cock, Aaron shrugs, bends over and takes his cock out of his jeans. He starts sucking on it even though Johnny is still driving. Even though Aaron may look innocent, by the easy way he takes all ten inches down his throat, he is anything but. Johnny can feel it too, that mouth feels so good on his cock he has to pull over before he has some kind of accident.

They get to an opening in a park and Johnny suggests to Aaron they get out of the car. Outside, in the open for all to see, Aaron gets on his knees and continues sucking on Johnny’s big cock, and squeezing his heavy ball sack. He gives encouraging words all the time as he gets his cock wet all over.
Johnny Rapid wants a bit of ass now and tells Aaron Bruiser to roll a condom onto his cock. Aaron does this willingly, and as he bends over, holding onto his knees, Johnny manages to squeeze his hard cock all the way into him just as you can hear a police siren racing past in the background. This just seems to spur the couple on as Johnny fucks that sweet young ass even quicker.
Aaron then lays with his back on the front seat of the car, he pulls his knees up, and we get a great close up of that big cock banging away in and out all the way up to his pubes. They get more and more excited, getting closer to a great cum shot. Johnny slides his cock slowly out and suggest they move over to another spot so Aaron can carry on sucking on him before it’s too late.

Once more Aaron Bruiser gets on his knees and takes this monster between his wet eager lips. Johnny Rapid finally shoots loads of hot cum all over Aaron’s cute young face, including his lips and tongue. Aaron strokes his own cock a couple of times, and spurts his cum all over the ground below.
This is proving to be a great series of movies (and it includes some great POV action filmed by Johnny Rapid). Let’s hope they keep cumming!

Stepfather’s Secret Part 1

Here we have a great movie from ‘Drill My Hole’, and it’s good quality, as per usual. If you are into sexy horny men then this is the movie for you. This is one hot and horny flick that will end up making sure that you reach for the tissues, or a large towel. The two hot men featured here in today’s offering know how to turn things up a notch and they certainly know how to turn each other on.

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This great hardcore movie stars tattooed hunky, Johnny Rapid, and Dirk Caber, and no, they are not brothers. Johnny Rapid has been in 13 other flicks for ‘Drill My Hole’ including ‘Sloppy interviewee’ where he fucked the handsome Chris Tyler in the ass whilst they were still dressed in their office suits. He also made a great impact in ‘Howl 2,’ and ‘Howl 4’, last year’s Halloween series.

‘Last Goodbye’ is Dirk Caber’ debut movie, and I am sure it won’t be his last. He is what you’d call drop-dead gorgeous, and his attractions include a pierced nipple on his muscular, tattooed chest. He is a top with an uncut seven inch dick, something that will make anybody more than happy.
In the story, Johnny and Dirk Caber (who do look very similar I have to say) are in the middle of moving house. They both feel a bit sad because they have made so many happy memories in the old place, so Johnny wraps his arms lovingly around Dirk and lets him know that everything will be alright. Ah. He gives him a kiss for comfort, and he realizes that they are just about to make their last fond memory. Ah. He grabs Dirk’s tight muscular ass through his jeans as they carry on kissing passionately. Ah ah!

Their breathing gets heavier as they pull their tops up. They begin kissing each other’s hard brown nipples before Johnny gets on his knees and sucks on Dirk’s hard cock. There is great close up here action as they take turns sucking on each other before Jesse turns around, and gets oh his hands and knees. Dirk spreads Johnny’s ass cheeks wide apart showing us his amazing hairy crack. Their growling gets a bit more urgent and wild as Dirk gets his crack all wet with his tongue, before he slides and finger in and out of his mate’s tight entrance.
He has turned Johnny on so much that they swap positions. Johnny returns the favour by licking his ass crack, and fucking him with his thumb and finger. The sounds of grunting and groaning with excitement fill the room as Johnny slides his seven and a half inch cock all the way deep into his tight wet ass hole and fucks him doggy style.

They are sooo turned on now and their hard fit bodies pour with sweat. Dirk sits down, and Johnny climbs on top of his cock and lets it slip into his eager hole, proving what a great versatile top he really can be. They swap positions once more as Dirk lies on his back, and Johnny fucks him hard and fast again, until they can’t hold back any longer.
They finish off with some great cum shots. Both men take it in turns on their knees with their hungry moths open waiting excitedly for the other man to plant his hot cum right on their wet tongues and all over their dark trimmed pubes. These cum shots go to prove that it’s not just the fur that flies in hot bear hardcore.

Houseboy Part 1

Two very new young studs star in this sweet hardcore porno from ‘Drill My Hole.’ Both of them have only made one movie before. Johnny Rapid is a good looking college type of boy. His only other film is called ‘Booked Solid’ which shows of how natural he is in front of the camera. He has brown hair, a beautiful smooth chest that you just want to lick all over, and a seven point five inch cock that’s always looking for a piece of ass. Which is a good thing, as this is what he finds in Paul Wagner.

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Paul Wagner is more than a willing bottom, which he more than proved in his only other film with ‘Drill My Hole’, which is called ‘Houseboy Part 1.’ Paul is the ‘boy’ you want to be living next door to. He is so cute and sexy looking. His sparkling green eyes make you want to stare into them for ages, and his ass… well his ass is so fuckable, you just want him to bend over right in front of you, and spread those sexy cheeks apart.

‘Homecoming Night’ starts off with these two sexy young men walking the corridors of a hotel dressed in their made-to-measure suits, and school ties. Johnny Rapid asks Paul into his room and gives him the chance to give up his virginity. Paul needs little encouragement and follows Johnny into his hotel room. Paul Wagner loves a bit of romance, and is bowled over when Johnny gives him some flowers. He gets thanked by Paul stepping closer and kissing him full on the lips. They take their ties off and Johnny undoes his pants. Paul, who has never sucked a cock before, gets down on his knees, and devours Johnny’s seven and a half inch dick with his tight wet lips. This is after telling Johnny that, ‘as you have been so good to me, I’ll be good to you.’ He licks and sucks this cock like a real professional and takes it right to the back of his hungry throat.

Johnny takes Paul’s clothes off and we get the chance to see his big tattoo and his beautiful tight ass. He gets on his hands and knees on the bed whilst Johnny rolls on a condom. Knowing that Paul Wagner is a virgin, Johnny slides his hard cock into his tight ass hole. Paul moans out loudly with hot passion and a little bit of pain. He tells Johnny to go a bit slower. This is great viewing as Johnny Rapid edges his cock slowly in and out of Paul’s tight but loosening hole. If you were in the room next door you would be stroking your own cock to the loud noises of excitement that these two make.

Amazing close up shots as Johnny carries on drilling Paul’s tight ass hole slowly as he fucks him doggy style. The hot action continues as Johnny Rapid lies down and Paul Wagner squats down onto his cock and they begin to ride each other up and down like there’s no tomorrow. They change positions once again and Paul shoots big white globs of cum all over his smooth washboard stomach whilst Johnny carries on fucking his sweet hole. Johnny kneel next to Paul’s sweating body and strokes his cock until he sends his hot sticky cum all over Paul’s lips, chin, neck, and his smooth chest. Paul’s face is a real turn on as he smiles while his face is covered in man cum for the first time. From the looks of things, this certainly won’t be the last time we see that sexy tight ass getting what it was made for.

Topher Dimaggio fucking Johnny

They are getting colourful over at Gods Of Men. In their latest scene they’ve got the Johnny Rapid alongside the blonde Topher Dimaggio. Both have blue eyes and colourful tattoos, but there are other differences. Johnny Rapid is a top and Topher Dimaggio is a bottom. Johnny’s appeared in four movies now and also appears in one of the main header, banners for Men.com and Topher is making only his second appearance in this scene, ‘Bathe And Misbehave.’ As I said, it’s from Gods Of Men where Men.com find their hunkiest, spunkiest, studs to appear in real man-with-man scenes that are filmed like cinema epics. These are the kinds of films that put this company at the top of the list when it comes to best exclusive hardcore gay porn movie making, if there is such a list; and I am pretty sure there is.

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I don’t know who provides the music for these scenes but I reckon they should release an album. It’s atmospheric, well written and goes nicely with the professional visuals. We open with such music and the sight of Topher Dimaggio lying in his bed while, next door, his lover, Johnny Rapid luxuriates in a bubble bath. Johnny calls him in and the two guys start to make out. That’s what these Gods Of Men movies are all about: the love making between two hunky guys, two Gods if you like. There’s no great storyline though we know that these two are a couple of some sort, and there is no on-going series, no episodes. Just good old hardcore gay sex.
But filmed in a magical and romantic way, so the kissing in the bath soon leads to more passionate kissing out of the bath, the guys standing up in the bathroom, their hands running all over each other’s bodies, their bearded faces clamped together at the mouth as fingers stretch towards asses and cocks rub together between legs. And those cocks are getting harder by the second so when Topher goes down on Johnny and buries his face in the other guy’s flame red pubes, he finds nothing less than a rigid cut cock to work his lips around.
Topher Dimaggio worshiping Johnny Rapid’s cock soon leads to Johnny worshiping Dimaggio’s ass. He bends his lover over and splits his ass cheeks, opening up the guy’s puckered hole for all to see and for his tongue to reach. Topher loves this kind of anal attention and Johnny loves to give it. The rimming session lasts a good length of time before the guys decide to take this into the bedroom, which is where Johnny Rapid enters his lover from behind, with Topher on all fours, his ass up in the air ready to receive a good cock bashing. He works his toned, tattooed ass back and forth swallowing all of Johnny’s boner as he gets himself drilled powerfully from behind.

The guys take breaks, so that Johnny can do some more work on the Topher Dimaggio ( watch all of Topher videos at http://www.topherdimaggioxxx.net/ ) cock, getting himself face-fucked from above, licking the shaft and getting a bearded face full of the bottom guy’s cut dick. And then it’s back to ass action again as the two drive themselves towards a great finale. Johnny drills his dick in deep, and Topher’s ass rises to meet the challenge, and he’s still being fucked when he fists his cock to a climax and dumps his load over his lover’s chest and into his mouth. Johnny Rapid finishes off with a cum dump on Topher Dimaggio’s face and into his mouth too as, after all, these two lovers share everything. I reckon that after this it’s time to head back to that bath.