Acrobatic cock sucking

Johnny Rapid from then sits down and as Donny Wright carries on sucking his dick, Tommy stands up on the couch and face fucks Johnny’s hairy face. Then they swap around and it’s Tommy who is getting face fucked and his cock sucked on. Donny then shows off how acrobatic he really is as he rolls over on his head in-between Johnny’s powerful thighs, with his ass up in the air directly in front of Johnny’s waiting tongue, and he spreads his legs. Tommy doesn’t waste any time and sucks on Luke’s cock as he gets his cock sucked in a standing up sixty nine position as Johnny eats out Donny’s tight asshole.

The cock sucking continues as Rapid sits down and Donny climbs on top of his cock and rides him like a horse as he gobbles on Tommy’s cock. The action gets even hotter as the camera gets in close as Donny stands up and bends over. Tommy drives his nine inch dick straight in and Donny now sucks on Johnny’s aching hard on. Tommy drives it in hard and fast almost blowing his load before it’s too late.
Both Johnny Jansen and Tommy Defendi take turns in pounding on Donny Adam’s now slack crack forcing Donny the first one to shoot his load whilst getting fucked in the missionary position. Tommy and Johnny cum next, and when they do, it’s all over Donny’s more than happy face and he laps it all up like a good little puppy.
Life is good at the Love Gun, and I can’t wait to see who walks through their doors next.

Erotic story with Johnny Rapid

‘Drill My Hole’ brings you another great fantasy by Have you ever walked down the street and seen a hot looking guy looking lost and bewildered, helped him out and watched him walking away, your heart beating a bit faster and your cock hard in your pants wishing you had gone with him? Maybe something else could have happened, who knows. This hardcore flick staring Johnny Rapid and Will Braun shows you what could have happened if only you had gone that bit further.
Will Braun is walking down a path in a park and sees a good looking stranger, Johnny Rapid, sitting on a bench looking a bit perplexed as he looks at a map. Will likes the look of him and asks if he can help. Johnny tells him that he’s there for the pride march but can’t find his hotel. Will looks at the map and shows him where it is, in fact, he offers to carry Johnny’s bag to the hotel for him. Johnny lets him help and before they know it, they are in his hotel room together. Will puts his bag down and tells Johnny that he hope to see him at pride and gives him a very horny smile. Johnny wants to thank him for helping him out and crawls across the bed to get to him.
He stands up and his lips press against Will’s and they start to kiss. Johnny pushes Will on to a chair and in between kissing, he strips both of their clothes off and gets Will’s cock into his mouth and starts sucking. Will can’t believe his luck and sits back enjoying the sensations running through his body as Johnny carries on giving him a great blowjob. Will stands up and pushes Johnny onto the bed and takes his whole length into his mouth and deep throats his cock. Johnny thrashes his head from side to side in ecstasy as Will carries on sucking him off and licking his smooth balls.

My Best Friend’s Husband Part 3

Produced for ‘Str8 To Gay’ and starring two of the hottest exclusive men for, Johnny Rapid and Will Braun, here’s the next part of My Best Friend’s Husband.
Johnny Rapid is a hot dude. He is young and cute and a natural in front of the camera and is in demand where ever he goes, on and off the screen. He has been in an amazing 125 hardcore flicks with since he first started with ‘Johnny and his dildo’, and he now has an incredible 34.8k followers on twitter and 22k on Facebook. This young man has a great future in front of him. Johnny is versatile with a great ass and a seven and a half inch cut cock; he is five foot six with brown hair, brown eyes and a smooth tight body.

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Will Braun started with in February 2015, his first movie is called ‘The New Exclusive: Will Braun’, where he fucks the lucky Jimmy Fanz. This is his twelfth flick with so far and he already has 11.4k followers in such a short time. Will has that cool college-guy edge about him and has a smooth chest and swimmer’s body. He is versatile with a seven inch cut cock and is five foot six inches and has brown hair and sea blue eyes.
This movie starts off with Johnny Rapid trying to find something in his garage when his best friend’s husband, Will Braun, turns up unexpected. He apologies for not spending more time with him, but he admits that he hasn’t been around because he has always though Johnny fancied him, and would try something on. Johnny laughs and tells him not to worry; he’s not after trying to seduce every straight man that comes along. This puts Will a bit more at ease. Johnny askes him to help find something in the garage and Will agrees to help. He bends over showing the crack of his ass as his shorts slip down slightly. Johnny can’t resist and touches the naked bit of man flesh on show, his tight ass. Will stands up, not happy, but Johnny makes a clever excuse and they carry on looking for the ‘something.’ It happens again and this time Johnny feels for Will’s erection through his shorts. He tells him to relax, they’re just going to have some fun.

Johnny kneels down in front of him, takes Will’s stiff dick out of his shorts and starts sucking and stroking on his cock. Will can’t believe how good it feels to have another man giving him a blowjob and it’s not long before he thrusts his hips backwards and forwards and face fucks Johnny’s cock-sucking lips.
Johnny asks Will if he wants to try sucking on his cock, he doesn’t need any persuading and goes down and takes Johnny’s cock into his mouth without anymore prompting. This time its Johnny’s turn to be excited and surprised. Will is so good at sucking on his cock he finds it hard to believe this is his first time. Will spits on Johnny’s cock and takes the whole lot down the back of his throat.

Will wants more and he rolls a condom on and sits down as Johnny squats over him and as he sits down on his cock, he rides him like a cowboy on a steed. Both men grunt and groan with pleasure as Johnny tightens his asshole and Will feels it clamp around his cock like a tight fitting glove.
There is great close-up action as Will drives his cock in and out of Johnny’s tight crack in different positions, ending up in the missionary. Johnny Rapid strokes his cock in perfect time with Will’s thrusting and shoots his cum all over his body. Will Braun stands up and, with one last grunt of passion, his cum spews out of his pulsating cock and lands all over Johnny’s thigh and ass.
Will leaves Johnny just lying there with cum dribbling down his body, and Johnny telling him he will see him again next week. I hope so!

Behind The Bleachers

‘Big Dicks At School’ show you the best hardcore school fantasy videos around, all coming from the Men paysite. They always bring back memories of our late teens; either it’s a real memory, or one that we fantasized about at that time, when our cocks got hard without even trying and having to hide it behind your school bag, or even in the boys’ showers, hoping beyond hope that your dick wouldn’t get hard in front of everyone.

This is a fantastic hardcore video starring Johnny Rapid and Joey Rico that starts off with Joey Rico naked in the shower at school. The hot water cascades down his hot young body as he massages soap into his tattooed, firm flesh. He turns around and we get to see his muscled white ass as he rinses the soap off. He dries himself off and gets dressed. As he is about to leave, he sees a letter in his locker. He picks it up and reads the message. It says
‘Joey, meet me at the bleachers after school.’

He goes there, sits down, and smokes a cigarette whilst he waits. He doesn’t have to wait too long when Johnny Rapid turns up. Johnny is the star basketball player and everyone’s dreamboat. Everyone wants a bit of him, Men, boys, girls, fathers, everyone, but he’s only had sex with one person before, and that’s Joey Rico. In fact, that is why he has asked to meet up with Joey. He tells him he can’t tell anyone what they got up to the other night, he’s scared that if it got out he is gay, his life would be ruined. Joey tells him not to worry; he’s cool and gets up to leave. Johnny grabs his arm and asks if he can stay a bit longer. Joey tells him maybe, if he has a good excuse to stay longer, and then tells him to follow him, he takes Johnny into the public toilets where they start kissing.
Joey Rico is quick to drop on his knees and takes Johnny Rapid’s cock into his mouth and starts to suck it. Johnny softly purrs as he feels Joey’s wet lips tight around his excited cock. He smacks his cock over Joey’s face and gets him to stroke and suck him once again.

Johnny Rapid sucks on Joey’s cock and gets it so wet his saliva dribbles down onto his ball sack, and then on to the floor. Johnny stands up, turns around and bends over showing off his tight ass to Joey Rico. Joey puts on a condom and slips his cock easily into Johnny’s inviting ass. Both men grunt and groan as Joey drives his throbbing cock in and out of Johnny’s sweet young asshole. They start fucking faster, their noises getting louder by the second. Joey sits down on the toilet and Johnny sits on his cock and bounces up and down on the thick shaft. Joey smacks Johnny’s ass which gets Johnny even more excited, he tells him to do it again.

Johnny Rapid lies on his back and gets his ass ploughed deeper than ever. He continually groans with excitement as his prostate gets a good banging. He moans out he’s going to cum and as he feels his cock expand in his hand, his hot spunk flies out just missing his face and lands all around his neck and smooth chest.
Joey Rico stands up and sends even more man cum, covering Johnny’s chest until there is hardly any space left there, and it begins to dribble down his ravished hot body.

Johnny Rapid is exclusive to the MEN paysite and, after being absent for a while, is back and proving he’s still got what it takes to be one of the best porn actors around. He still has his youthful schoolboy looks and smooth soft skin. He is a versatile slut with a great ass and a seven and a half inch cut dick. He has brown hair, brown ‘come to bed eyes’, is five foot six inched tall and weighs 135 pounds. His last movie, since coming back is ‘Not Brothers Yet Part 3’, where he gets his famous tight ass screwed by Scott Harbour.
Joey Rico is also a good looking versatile young man, and has been with for just over a year. His first hardcore video with them is ‘Open Position’, where he gets fucked by Topher DiMaggio, wearing only a tie and his sweet smile. Joey is five foot ten and has an eight inch cut cock; he has black hair and has soft brown smiling eyes.

Not Brothers Yet Part 3

When parents of friends decide to marry each other it can be dramatic and change the friends’ relationship for the worse. But, on the other hand, ‘Str8 To Gay’ shows you how much fun it can be too. Filmed by this movie stars two good looking guys, Johnny Rapid and Scott Harbor.
Johnny Rapid has been away for a while but now he is back. He is Exclusive to, he is young, and he is good looking, talented, versatile and has been in an amazing 126 movies for He is so popular that over 168,000 horny guys watched him getting fucked by Rafael Alancar in ‘Prison Shower.’ Men of all ages have been dreaming, and fantasizing about him ever since. Johnny is five foot 6 inches high and has a seven and a half inch cut cock. He has brown hair, and even after doing 126 hardcore movies, he still has innocent looking brown eyes. Butter doesn’t just sizzle in his mouth; it melts and dribbles out of the corners of his soft sexy lips.

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Even though Scott Harbor has only been in four hardcore movies with, he is one to watch out for in the future and he already has 2,282 followers on his twitter page where you can catch up on everything he is up to. He is a versatile young man with a great ass and a six inch uncut cock. Scott is five foot five inches, weighs 160 pounds, has brown hair and emerald green eyes.
This hardcore flick starts off with Scott Harbor standing outside feeling a bit pissed off. Johnny Rapid wants to know what’s wrong, and Scott tells him that his dad isn’t too happy that his mum is marrying Johnny’s dad. Johnny tries to calm him down but he walks off saying he needs a piss. Johnny follows him into the outside toilets and takes a photo of Scott’s dick as he’s having a piss. Scott can’t believe what he is doing and pushes him against a wall telling him to delete it.
str8 to gay with johnny rapid
Johnny tells him he took it because he has always fancied him, and took the chance whilst he could. Scott throws the phone on the floor and tells Johnny to get down and delete it, and because he doesn’t trust him, he stands watching Johnny delete it. Johnny does as he is told but notices that Scott has a hard lump in his jeans. He can’t resist and has to touch it. Scott becomes quiet, he is enjoying Johnny’s warm hand caressing his stiff dick.
Johnny undoes his jeans, takes Scott’s cock out of his pants, puts it into his mouth and starts sucking it. Scott begins to groan with excitement and face fucks Johnny as he continues sucking on his dick. Johnny strips naked and we see his smooth athletic body for the first time. He stands up and Scott tells him he hasn’t sucked a cock before, Johnny tells him not to worry and speaks to him in a reassuring voice. Scott gags a couple of times but he soon gets the hang of it and Johnny’s cock is quickly dribbling with his saliva.
Johnny orders Scott to stand up, turn around, and bend over the sink. Scott does as he is told and Johnny slips his cock all the way in to Scott’s virgin ass. Scott can’t believe how good a dick inside his ass really feels. He calls out Johnny’s name and Johnny smacks his ass making him moan and groan out loud. Johnny fucks him so hard, the sink rocks backwards and forwards threatening to fall on the floor at any moment.
Not Brothers Yet Part 3
Scott wants to fuck Johnny’s ass so Johnny Rapid turns around and leans against the urinals stroking his cock as Scott pounds a man’s tight ass for the first time. This time it’s Johnny who moans with excitement, and quickly tells Scott to get on the ground where he sprays his face with loads of his hot juicy cum. They swap positions and Scott Harbor cums in bucketfuls of pearly white cum all over Johnny’s smooth chest.
They look for somewhere to get cleaned up and both of them know that they are going to be the very best of step-brothers from now on.

Cheating Loophole

Johnny Rapid is a powerful looking bear with fur all over his muscular, hard body; he is into weight lifting and kick boxing in a big way. He is versatile with a six inch cut cock; he is five foot eight with longish black hair and soft and gently brown eyes. He has been in fifteen hardcore flicks with and his last one is ‘Turn My Son into a Whore Part 3’ from Str8 To Gay, where he fucks the ass off of Nicoli Cole.

So, back to this thrilling episode and Connor Maguire is feeling confused. He has just woken up naked and he is not in his own room. He needs the bathroom, to use the toilet, and when he gets there he is surprised to see Johnny Rapid soaping his hard body up and down, and the water is cascading down his hot and hard muscles. Connor Maguire goes to the toilet and Johnny asks him if he wants to join him in the shower. Once again, Connor Maguire says he is straight and that he must have stumbled into his room by mistake. He is easily persuaded though, and the next thing we see is Johnny soaping up his hands and stroking his soapy hands up and down Connor Maguire’s hard dick. Connor Maguire turns and kisses him with the water pouring down over their bodies. He leans with his back on the wall, and closes his eyes, as Johnny squats down in front of him and takes his cock into his mouth. Connor Maguire’s breathing gets heavier and he thrusts his hips forwards. Johnny stands up, turns the water off, and sits down spreading his legs.

Connor Maguire bends over and takes Johnny’s cock into his straight mouth. Connor Maguire chokes a couple of times but soon gets into it and massages his hairy wet balls at the same time. Still sitting down, Johnny tells Connor Maguire to turn around and sit on his dick. Connor Maguire is so excited he does as he is told and slowly sits on his first hard dick. He groans with pleasure, mixed with a slight pain, but finds the pain quickly goes away, and he is just full of animal lust. Stroking on his hard cock, Connor Maguire bounces up and down on the invading dick and feels it deep inside him, getting faster and faster all the time.
Johnny drills his ass standing up against the wall, and then again in the missionary position, with his legs still spread, and Johnny in between them. Connor Maguire spills his thick cum over his firm stomach seconds before Johnny Rapid sends streams of his bear cum onto his ravished and panting body.
This is proving to be a great spring break for all the boys and the horny growling bears. Holidays will never be the same again!

Daddy’s Club Part 3

Str8 To Gay’ really know how to turn on so called ‘straight men’, as we can see from this fantastic hardcore series from
When three college friends turn up at a holiday resort in Palm Springs for their spring holiday, they are in for a big, big surprise. They are expecting to see wall to wall hot girls dancing naked around the pool and getting laid every few minutes. What they don’t realize is that it’s a gay resort. And not just any gay resort; clothes are optional. The three dudes freak out at first, but after finding out that every other place is full, they don’t have much of a choice. They either go home, or stick it out and try and enjoy themselves – as long as no one tries to touch them coz they are straight after all. In the first two episodes, all three end up having sex with a couple of grizzly bears.
In this episode, starring Johnny Rapid, he wakes up naked and wonders into the bathroom to find a big muscular hairy bear, John Magnum, having a shower.
Johnny Rapid fucks a man for the first time in ‘Bear weekend Part 2’ (along with his good, straight, friend Paul Cannon), and couldn’t believe how great another man’s tight asshole felt wrapped around his aching hard cock. We still need to see how he feels when it’s the other way round, and he gets a cock up his virgin crack. Johnny is good looking with that typical college dude look. He likes snowboarding, hiking and says he is a top, but then again, he also says he’s straight, so watch this space. He is six foot one and has a seven inch cut dick. He has blonde hair and sea blue eyes. ‘Bear weekend’ is his first gay flicks with

What turns him on today ?

The good thing about having a twink-whore at your disposal, paid for in advance, is that you can do what you want with him and that, in this case, includes forcing his head down on your hard dick, making him gag, something that clearly turns Johnny Rapid on, as there’s something in his tight red briefs that’s growing by the second. It gets even harder in there when he sees Jaxton take off his shirt and gets to worship his muscular body. With the older guy standing over him, he gets back down on that rock hard cut cock and starts to fuck the boy’s mouth, holding his head still while he shafts in hard, in and out. Soon Johnny has his briefs down and there’s his uncut sexy Colombian cock out and proud for us all to see and savour. Jaxton’s not mean so he is soon down on the twink’s dick and Johnny is getting some expert cock sucking action from his older guy.

But Jaxton Wheeler has come here to fuck some hot ass and that’s’ exactly what Johnny Rapid has, a totally fuckable young ass. So, before much more time has elapsed, we’ve got the two of them right there on the couch, with Jaxton’s hard dick slamming in and out of the young gymnast while he grabs the boy’s cock and jerks it for him. Things get really loud and hot, and deep, as these two fuck their way towards another explosive ending which includes Jaxton Wheeler shooting his jizz all over Johnny Rapid’s face. Let’s hope there’s more of this series to come; we can’t get enough of Johnny Rapid right now.

Johnny Rapid forth scene for

The things some sons will do for their dads! In this sizzling series of movies from Drill My Hole, the son in question is whoring himself for cash, to help the family finances. The ends don’t meet so he has to give up his rear end for guys’ meat and peddle his ass, on dad’s orders, in order to bring in some money. And the whoring son in this case is played by the mightily beddable Johnny Rapid. I did some checking around about this guy, and discovered a few things that might interest you. This is his forth scene for but he is not an exclusive model for them, he appears elsewhere, on other sites, so he’s spreading himself around and doing really well. He’s also proving pretty popular and is now starting to get interviews and pop up in the queer porn news columns on blogs and such like. I found out he’s a gymnast (you can see that from some of the positions he gets into) and that he’s from Colombia, which helps explain his hot looks, tanned skin and dark cock.
gay porn
Here he’s playing with Jaxton Wheeler who shouldn’t need any introduction from me, not if you’re a regular and keen hardcore porn fan. But just in case: Jaxton Wheeler has made 14 movies for now, many of them for Drill My Hole and although he’s appeared with many top names, this is his first time out with our Colombian cutie, Johnny Rapid. ‘Turn My Son Into A Whore – part 3’ starts off with ‘dad’ settling up his debts and even having enough left over for Johnny to get a $300 bonus… after he turns one more trick. And that trick is, of course, the ever studly Jaxton Wheeler. In this scene, bearded and butch, he comes across like your typical all American alpha male. Dad puts the two of them together to chat and then leaves and the guys start to get to know each other: one older and bearded and looking a little bit red-neck, and the other young and cute, a little stocky and wearing only tight red briefs. Jaxton’s got something big and stiff in his pants and it’s not long before Johnny has that out and down his throat.

Str8 To Gay Porn with Johnny And Tommy Defendi

Str8 to Gay has paired up two of their best porn stars in the latest installment of their fantastic series, Fantasy. Tommy Defendi is a high class hooker who has the greatest job of setting up the ultimate fantasy for his clients. The best part of his job is that he is always a part of their fantasy! Tommy’s 9″ cock is fast becoming a legend, and is a ‘must see in action’ type dick. Paired with Johnny Rapid (who appeared in Jock Obsession), both our hunks are gorgeous, well toned, slightly hairy men who fit well together.
Str8 To Gay Porn with Johnny Rapid

In Fantasy Part 3 we quickly figure out from the soundtrack that this fantasy includes jazz. As jazz music plays, Tommy climbs the stairs to his apartment (the one he uses for each fantasy) carrying a bunch of party decorations that look like they are straight out of the 1930s: lots of silver and gold, glitzy andglamorous items. Tommy is dressed to the nines in a suit and a dapper trilby. Soon Johnny arrives; as he checks out the whole room he only has one word to say, “Nice.” After a bit more jazz music, our two guys get right into the fantasy Tommy created for Johnny.
str8 to gay

Tommy’s cock is released and Johnny wastes no time in getting down on that nine inch cock, while Tommy reaches down and plays with his own nuts. Johnny does not neglect Tommy’s sac and gives them as good a sucking as he did the massive dick. Tommy watches all of this through the ceiling mirrors. (We, the audience, are thrilled to see that we can see ass cheeks and blow-jobs all at the same time.) Soon, it is Tommy’s turn to give his client a fantasy blow-job. As he slowly works Johnny’s hard cock, Johnny throws his head back and lets Str8 Gay Tommy know how much he is enjoying it. On and on and on our hunks keep going, sucking each other off, again and again… and we get to see terrific close-ups of all the cock slurping.
johnny rapid gay porn

Finally both straight men get totally naked and the ass rimming begins. Butt cheeks spread wide, puckered assholes are invaded by lips and tongues. After lubing him thoroughly, Tommy lowers his monstrous cock into Johnny’s tight hole. Johnny takes the whole 9 inches, as Tommy stretches his asshole to make it in. Soon Tommy is pounding away on Johnny’s ass, sliding in and out as Johnny cries out his pleasure. Johnny’s 1930s fuck-fest fantasy continues on as Tommyaccommodates him in a variety of positions, until finally Johnny is spent and shoots a load of jizz all over Tommy’s hairy body. Tommy removes his cock from Johnny’s ass and squirts his own load of jizz all over Johnny’s hairy chest. Johnny’s festival of Jizz and Jazz concludes in a major explosion of confetti and cum. More of Str8 To Gay Johnny Rapid – Click Here