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Turn Me Into A Whore 3 with Johnny Rapid

In very first episode of the Turn Me Into A Whore series, Johnny Rapid was turned into a real fuck whore. In the next episode, his dream of being whorish enough for Liam Magnuson came to life. But no authentic whore ever feels like he’s enough of a whore. He will always do [...]

Johnny Rapid – Turn Me Into a Whore

Johnny Rapid got a crash course in taking a rough fucking from Charlie Harding in the first episode of “Turn Me Into a Whore”. With the expert training under the belt, he feels ready to confess his secret crush to Liam Magnuson and take the ass slamming that anyone dating Liam would have to [...]

Johnny Rapid – Prison Shower 3

And so it begins again. The world did not end but Mr. Rapid is in prison again. Johnny is getting bored and is looking for some action in the showers. Prison Guard Charlie Harding stops some disorder in the Prison Shower and asks for some backup – this time it is a code 69. Colby [...]