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Four of Johnny Rapid’s first-rate pals started to choice they own fascinating with a prank that grows into an very astounding group session. Sebastian Young, Paddy O Brian and also the Rosso Men chooses to bang Johnny’s rear until they cum all over him. If you want the horny Johnny Rapid you will definitely like this overwhelming suitable gay sex video

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Johnny Rapid gloryhole with Tony Paradise

Tony Paradise just calls for a little release and chooses to evaluate over a neighborhood resplendence hole for the very first time. Tony believes stefan is heading to get his fat dick drawn by a lady but once amy Rapid takes a glimpse at Tony’s cellulite cock Johnny can not keep them out a their slippery and relaxing lips…

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Tyler St.James fucking Johnny Rapid

Freshmen Johnny Rapid and Tyler St. James is posing on the casting lounge looking for girl to turn up so they can double team her on cam. The theater director finally tells them both that the girl isnt gonna show up and that they do not have a real replacement for the scene. The director also assures Johnny and Tyler that if they’d be prepared to arse around with each other the scene will continue on and they will be paid extra cash.

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Bryce Evans and Chris Bines fucking Johnny Rapid

Two horny men talks Johnny into getting his tight little ass fucked hard!

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Johnny Rapid getting a cock and stick up his tight gay teen ass

Johnny Rapid fabricated an loan application so when he got busted he shows a attitude towards the completely wrong cops enlisting officer. Robert Van Damme will teach Johnny a tutorial he will not forget in his life time , using his huge dick . Their cocks gaping for much more when Johnny actually starts to enjoy that big hard cock to fulfill his hungriness butt. Shortly their bed is filled with moaning, squirming man-flesh when both horny whores are trained what it is needed to be a excellent tiny cocksucker, and additionally other things their instructors desired.


Johnny Rapid gets fucked hard again

As indicated of the label, Johnny Rapid is a really unsophisticated lad finding guidance from a mature buddy. Billy Santoro can assist particularly when assisting means drilling a strong teenage butt. Billy understands exactly what straight men fancy, a strong gap, and Billy would like to get it as fast as he demands. He gives up his solid butt as Johnny backs him up, virtually, humping him solid until eventually his entire 8.5 inches straight dick was buried insidewithin.


Tom Faulk banging Johnny Hard

It really has been quite a few years since Tom Faulk delivers us a scene with Johnny Rapid and stuff has seriously improved. Previously called “Fat Johnny” he has been developed to a great solid and tone twink and Tom is almost certainly that he wanna fuck that. The men get nude and Tom bangs Johnny’s firm bottom

Muscle Pornstar Zeb Atlas Fucking Johnny Rapid

The two horny but sexy men Johnny Rapid and Zeb Atlas are along side each other finally inside the member area of MEN.COM within a new episode simply labeled as “The House”. An immensely kind and open-handed previous admirer to both willed the two a real estate where they both can live. Remembering Johnny had been a hot bottom and Zeb must have been a top, his sexual activity dreams could easily come true. Atlas wastes almost no time acquiring his quite large penis inside Rapid´s sexy ass. See all of Zeb Atlas porn movies – click here

Johnny Rapid fucked by Bryan Evans and a glass dildo

If you think your very own early morning is similar to Bryce Evans’, start out every day by permitting Johnny Rapid out from within the cage that normally your very own truck bed. Served by the handcuffs, get rid of the ball-gag and also get the glass sex toy in order to get him heated up. Johnny really likes routine servicing Bryce and also takes that particular gigantic penis deep inside the slutty butt. To get things turned up a level, Johnny is DP’d by Bryce plus the quite large glass fuck toy

Duncan Black , Johnny Rapid , Topher Di Maggio at Big Dicks At School

Johnny Rapid and Duncan Black are two roommates in college preparing for their big test. But learning’s boring and the talk quickly changes to talk of sex and who Duncan can get into bed. The bet is on. Topher Di Maggio, the stunning young Teaching Assistant, is the challenge. Straight? Not a problem for Duncan as he heads over to the study where Topher just happens to be working in his tight fitting underwear. What’s a student to do when his butch, half-naked, straight talking TA is right there, his cock outlined only inches away? He comes out with it: straight or gay?

Topher knows exactly what’s going on, and his cock is rising to the challenge as he squares up with his student. He’s straight, Duncan’s gay, but a gay guy sucking a big, straight cock is no big deal. But, judging from the sounds Topher’s making as those sweet lips start to service his shaft, he’s no stranger to this kind of attention. He fucks that tight mouth, makes his student choke, offers him his nuts to lick and worship, and then even lets Duncan get out his own six inches to play with has he face-fucks him until his lips are raw.

Straight men like tight holes and Duncan’s got one ready and willing. The TA is soon behind his student in more ways than one, drilling that tight ass, pounding his 8.5 cut cock harder and faster in and out. He flips the guys around, Duncan straddles him on the chair, his own cock flapping as he rides harder and faster. Now Topher is really in his rhythm, with Duncan on his back, jerking him until Duncan’s squirting his juice over his own chest and over his shoulder. The TA finally unloads on his student’s smooth stomach and the bet is won.

Cowboy Gay Orgy with Johnny Rapid And Friends

The last part of “Going West” series is a five man orgy. And what an ending, I bet you are gonna love this Johnny Rapid and Hunter Page get pounded old west fashion by Cooper Reed, Chris Bines & Jack King! Hunter Page is DP’d for the very first time on Men. Remember you can always watch free video previews of all of Mr. Rapid porn movies at this blog!!!

Max Flint has a thing for Mr. Rapid

You know what’s it like when you’re a twink and you’ve got chores to do; boring! Max Flint has been sent to rake the leaves, get that lawn cleared up, it’s his dull job for the day. Meanwhile, smooth and horny twink Johnny Rapid is also bored inside, but he’s found a hard, cut cock between his legs to keep him happy. Max, outside, peeps through the window, and the voyeur in him takes over. But Johnny sees him, and Johnny doesn’t care. A thought, a smile, some sign language and Max has gotten himself invited in to Johnny’s bedroom.

Just in case anyone else decides to rake the lawn Max pulls the blinds, then it’s open season for the guys. With his curly brown hair and his blue eyes, his seven inch cut cock, Max is too much of a turn on and Johnny can’t wait to get sucking on his meat. The guys are soon naked on the bed and Max is returning the favour, and flavour; this time he’s sucking deep and slow on Johnny’s hard shaft.

But they both want more and so Johnny gets to ride that twink cock and satisfy the craving in his ass. He sits on Max’s cock, he turns doggy for him, Max goes in sideways as they explore all kinds of ways to give each other the best pleasure. Johnny comes with Max’s cock still drilling into him and squirts a huge load of thick jizz over his smooth stomach. It’s not long before Max’ tight round nuts also explode over that soft flesh and Johnny comes an incredible second time. Raking leaves has never been so good.

Huge Johnny Rapid Gay Orgy

Johnny comes naked into the bathroom straight from a hardcore fuck session as the Turn Me Into A Whore series continues. He thinks it’s all over but Liam has got other ideas. Johnny is coming on well, but he admits he’s only ever been with one guy. He needs more training. So what’s the best way to make sure he’s got what it takes? Chiselled Liam takes him back into the bedroom and calls in reinforcements and wants to broadcast the entire show via gay cam that he just bought . Four more guys in fact, all hunky, all horny and all ready to put the trainee through his paces.

Tattooed stud Charlie Harding has brought along another twink plaything in the sexy shape of Riley Banks and, as the guys strip down stiffen up, Charlie and Johnny get to bend and suck in two groups of three. There’s enough muscled hunk to lay some over on the next state as these four horny dudes get their cocks sucked by their two obedient trainee whores. Before long the bed is a writhing mass of man-flesh. Johnny sees that Jimmy Johnson and Jack King are looked after, while it’s down to Riley to make sure Liam and Charlie get their fun.

The twinks get well and truly spit-roasted in all kinds of positions before the hunks are ready to empty their nuts. Jimmy, Jack, and Liam cover Riley’s chest with hot goo, Charlie comes on his face and even Johnny gets to empty his wad across rookie Riley’s already wet and dripping face. Johnny thanks the guys, they’ve been good to him, they’ve helped him in his training to turn him into a whore, and boy is he going to go a long way!

Rapid gets fucked in the pool

There really is nothing but very long summer times of calming by the swimming pool for Johnny Rapid and cute dude Issac Hardy. However Johnny’s bodily hormones tend to be furious out of hand and then he must get laid so much he bends over and will get screwed by his sexy friend Issac. So again Mr. Rapid is getting his tight ass fucked hard. Another great episode!

Marcus Ruhl fucking the gay doll Johnny Rapid

Marcus has been waiting a while for his mystery delivery; the anticipation of seeing what he has ordered has been driving him to distraction. When the cute delivery guy shows up he can’t wait to get that box inside and open up what he’s been waiting for. He slowly unwraps the six-foot high packing crate to reveal the kind of things dreams are made of: A fully anatomically correct, smooth, totally shaved mannequin in the shape of sweet twink Johnny Rapid.

Running his hands down the mannequin’s body he realises that the cut cock can move. It’s that lifelike. Not only does it move but it gets hard in his hand. Things really start to heat up when Markus tastes that hard cock. Wanting more, he carries the robotic, compliant, Johnny over to the table, sets him up and turns on the, opens his mouth and then uses his hot throat for his own pleasure. Johnny doesn’t respond; he’s a toy, a plaything for Markus to use as he wants.

And he does. He puts the obedient Johnny in all positions; doggy style on the table he fucks his ass as the mannequin complies with his every desire. Johnny rides his owner’s cock, bends for him and lets Markus do whatever he wants; after all, he can’t answer back. Markus lets his new toy shoot a load before emptying his pent up nuts across the smooth, shaved body of his new twink toy. Yes sir, he’s happy with this delivery and, as he puts him back in the box, you just know there are going to be many more deliveries of jizz like this in the future.