S8tro Gay Evan Mercy fucking Johnny Rapid

This cute pornstar Evan Mercy screw Johnny Rapid in a scene called “D8 Night” at the paysite Str8 To Gay. Getting himself ready for a late date down in the local bar center, but sadly he can not find any cloth to wear, and so Johnny permits him to try out some from his own wardrobe. Evan gets undressed, reveals some of his naked facial skin and that is really enough for Rapid to get his hot cock hard and ready for action. He gives his cute mate a deep blow-job, and after that let’s Evan bangs his tight ass completely. Practically nothing better to have a rockhard dick inside a restricted cute ass.

There’s Something About Johnny Part 5

All of us really likes Johnny. Johnny Forza is hooked on his tiny hole and can not frequently coming back for more. Johnny could not understand how wonderful and small Johnny Forza’s butt had been. It sensed delicious being inside his ass. His dynamic hammering against Rapid butt.
All of a sudden he sensed Forza cock jump straight into his mouth and johnny promptly look up at him, continue working his dick. Eyes met and then he could observe he was pretty much prepared to explode so he put his complete focus on his cock.
At some point Johnny Forza simply held still as he viewed him screw Johnny hard with his cock. Sweat stream down his forehead. Rapid gave him an excellent push, arced his back, triggering all his muscle tissue to bend and ripple. He closed his eyes seriously tight and touch down harsh on his reduce lip. His lips dropped open plus a smooth groan came out. A couple of seconds further, Johnny sensed his penis erupt within his ass. Tons of his hot cum shot inside his butt.

Day Laborer With Johnny And Valentin Petrov

Johnny hires day labourer Valentin Petrov to attempt to do “a small amount of messing around” for him at his personal location. Rapid just obtained a unique property and would die to have Valentin taking a closer look at it. As soon as Valentin shows up inside , he finds that what Johnny had inside the mind was alot of but fucking as well as a amazing flip flop porno session. Absolutely nothing much easier to do a porno scene with Mr. Rapid the very first time.
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Johnny Rapid doing a porn video with Max Flint

In conjunction with the str8 to gay website, Johnny are prepared to expose a brand new sex toy which has been pleading to produce a porn video with Johnny. As soon as Rapid viewed the initial few photos related to Max Flint , he was actually in a position to make the video happen. And so here it is!!! The very first xxx rated scene with Max. With some luck we will have much more sex action together with him.

There’s Something About Johnny Part 2

Johnny Rapid has appeared in over 80 scenes for Men.com and in his one he has been brought in to put a new model through his paces. At least, that’s how I see it. The new guy, Jake Jammer has only made one scene for the company, this one. So I reckon they’ve got young old-hand Johnny to break him in. Don’t get me wrong when I say ‘old’ with regard to Johnny, he is still a twink and smooth and perfect in every way and brilliant at what he does, and that is, hardcore sex scenes.
He’s a cut-cock Virgo guy who is versatile and who gives head like the best of them. (So I am told, I would love to find out for real.) While his counterpart in this scene is uncut eight-incher Scorpio versatile/bottom guy Jake. He’s also got some tattoos and a great long cock that hangs down over neat nuts in his hairy groin. He’s darker than Johnny which makes for perfect contrast.

This scene is actually quite complicated in its setup; there care three guys chatting at first, and then we cut to ‘last night’ and the story unfolds from here. Johnny’s having some trouble getting rid of a shag when Jake turns up on crutches. This is explained as he enters but then he trips and needs Johnny to help him, quite conveniently, to the bedroom. One thing quickly leads to another and Johnny’s soon giving his own kind of physiotherapy.

That starts off with a wet cock suck session as Johnny goes down on Jake and that in turn leads to Jake on his back and Johnny fucking his face. The section where Jake licks Johnny’s nuts is pretty load-blowing on its own, but we’re not even half way through at that point. Johnny rides the new guy’s cock and you’re going to love the sight of hairy legs and cock with a smooth, toned ass going up and down, and in close-up as well. Things get pretty wild as Johnny gets taken from behind and Jake seems to forget about is in juries. Watching the cum shots, I am convinced his dick is more than eight inches, but I only ponder that for a moment as he then gets a facial from our Johnny.

It’s an excellent scene with a cute little twist right at the end, so stay with the flick all the way through. I thought his was a very good debut for Jake and I am always more than happy to watch any film starring the super-sexy Johnny Rapid.

Johnny Rapid Gay Orgy At Jizz Orgy

As part of the Turn Me Into A Whore program, JohnnyRapid had been converted into a proper fuck prostitute. Over the following episodes, his desire of becoming whorish enough for Liam Magnuson were brought to life. However no trustworthy prostitute possible feels as though he is a good enough prostitute. He’ll constantly perform the whore thing more attractive and sluttier – and so he demands Liam to put together a orgy treatment with dirty and naughty pornstars from the jizz Orgy website. So in came four horny men , prepared to bang Mister Rapid hard the entire night. And as we believed Rapid could hardly become more of a prostitute……

Rapid Whore

Johnny Rapid eventually have a collision training system as part of a harsh drilling together with his fuck mate Charlie Harding. Along with the specialized education in sucking a hard cock, he is eager to admit his mysterious love to Liam Magnuson and consider getting a ass banging which anybody going out with Liam will have to experience. Liam was hanging out forever to achieve the opportunity to screw Johnny sexy ass. Now his fantasy will come alive. I believe this is actually the desire of everyone that checks out this web site.

Jaxton Wheeler gets to fuck Johnny Rapid

Retired computer geek Ty Roderick remorse the possibility he lost way back in college when he was living together with Johnny Rapid. Oh the joy it would have been to be the first dude to fuck him hard in his ass.

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Jaxton Wheeler may just be the secret private investigator Roderick needs to track down Rapid however he ends up lured by Johnny’s unquestionable charisma. After his dick was sucked, Jaxton puts it in Johnny’s tiny hole and pounds deeper and deeper. Johnny loves to have a hard big cock up inside of him.

Johnny Rapid New Years Double Penetration

The very first a number of episodes of the group sex series intitled “Daddy’s Club” all resulted in one last fuck banquet, a incredible 8 gay orgy scene. Daddies Billy Santoro, Charlie Harding, Colby Jansen and John Magnum go to town (including a double penetration) on their much more youthful lovers, Johnny Rapid, Justin Dean, Corey Haynes and Robbie Rivers.
He’d hardly completed some of the sentence once Johnny sensed the pain of his hard big cock forced against his tight hole. Squashing it was way beyond his muscle tissue and looking into his moist inner. There seemed to be pain, as Johnny had forecasted however it was absolutely nothing that could not be concealed by moans of enjoyment eminating from both their lips. Obviously this felt nearly as good, or even better, for Billy than it did for me personally. After some minutes of Billy pushing his 7″ hammer into him he explained something completely unhearable along with every one of their moans. Johnny was ready for another hard cock up his ass

XXXMas with Johnny Rapid

Johnny with his new mates Colby Jansen, Tom Faulk and Topher Di Maggio are together at the health club throughout a intense blizzard. Rapid attempts to make a run for it but sadly it is really freezing outside so he chooses to stay with his friends. And when the lights is out, there is no more to say and the jeans go off and the mates pass the evening with fucking and sucking eachother in the cold locker room to keep warm. For several hours they just laid there with their tight asses getting fucked. A little groan escaped Johnny lips when Tom´s tongue sucked on his shaved balls, pulling his tongue right down to the tight pink hole in his ass.

John Magnum fucking Johnny Rapid

As part of the Daddy’s Club a small grouping of superior daddies meet up to discuss tales before a fantastic eight man hardcore gay orgy. John Magnum refer a tale concerning the locker room porn scene he had together with Mr. Rapid. New to porn, Johnny had been a bit shy however came around fast and made a fighter scene pounding his tight ass with his hard cock.

Johnny Rapid Group Sex

Johnny place the quite hard dicks inside the mouth and started to suck on them, slurping the beneath of the shaft and also the golf balls. Jack King was shaven and smooth and Johnny couldn’t get enough. Jimmy Johnson wanted him to come in my mouth and Mr. Rapid kneaded his balls with his hands and passionately kissed, licked, and sucked his throbbing cock. They started to find a flow and Rapid could easily feel that he was getting increasingly more into the action. He was pushing his manhood inside and out his wet month. It was pretty delicious by no means hard such as his dildos but stiff and smooth to the touch. Johnny was pushing hard love to him and it also seemed like he was seriously enjoying what he had been doing.

Jimmy Johnson placed him right over Johnny to assist his cock getting intp the tight hole. He rimmed his ass hole for some time. He felt such as filthy porno, but Rapid was actually horny as hell and didn’t give a fuck whatsoever. He carefully slide his dick inside his tight hole, he moaned in satisfy and also informed him to drive it in even further. Johnny followed and forced it in and then he moaned a lot more until eventually he gave Johnny the “just do it” sign to bang him fast. He soon began slowly following setting his pace up , just hammering his butt.
“Oh yeah fuckin yeah,” Jack screamed, “This feels so damn amazing.” Johnny rolled Jack on his belly, placed his lips upon his cock, and in just a few seconds, Jacks fantastic warm sticky cum was working its way down Johnny throat. He got every single drop, definitely not permitting one bit to go to waste.

Johnny Rapid Jizz Orgy with Cooper Reed , Donny Wright , Haigen Sence and Kip Johnson

There’s an excellent line up of hot talent in The Pledges. Cooper Reed, a fit, tattooed top guy is in charge, and he sites his four pledgers an initiation test to see if they have what it takes to join his fraternity. The pledge-master sets them the task of pool wrestling and the four have no choice but to obey. First up for it are Haigen Sence, the muscled, tattooed top, and Johnny Rapid, the smooth cut twink guy. They wrestle in the paddling pool, slippery in baby oil, before things get even more tricky and Donny Wright and Kip Johnson join them. It’s wild alright.

And gets wilder as the tougher top guys rip off poor Johnny’s shorts, showing us his cute cut dick. That’s enough to give our pledge master a good idea, and he instructs two of the hunky top guys to star making out together. They can see where this is going but will do whatever he says, and within minutes the guys are kissing and sucking cock. Johnny then starts on Cooper, the others start on each other and their hands start stroking those oiled up cocks. There’s enough length of hardon here to stretch a mile and you can smell the testosterone in the air.

The guys swap around, all of them now in the pool and the sucking and slipping, grunting and sliding continue as the mood changes. Serious anal sex is now the name of the initiation game and the tops start to check out the bottom boys’ asses. Everyone gets what they want in the ensuing hardcore fuck session that leaves five guys shooting their cum all over Chip, and all five of them deciding that his has been the best pledge ritual ever. We agree.

Another Great Gay Porn Scene With Famous Pornstar Mr. Rapid

Everyone’s dream boy next door, Johnny Rapid, is hoping to spend some time with a girl he met at the hotel, but instead he discovers she’s out and in her place in the hotel room is her protective older brother, six foot, chiselled, hunky and tattooed Colby Jansen. But he’s a reasonable kind of guy and invites Johnny in; that’s so that he can give him the third degree over Johnny’s intentions. But Colby’s intentions are making Johnny nervous as all he really wants is his dick sucked by this cute twink.

Johnny’s up for it and goes down on that seven inches like a guy who knows what he’s doing. He takes the cut cock into his mouth, then deeper into his throat, giving the hunk above him exactly what he wants. Getting naked, Johnny gives the guy head in the chair and then on the bed, his own cock growing hard and staying that way. Doing as he is told, he gets Colby’s pants off and then sits on his dick. Johnny finds it’s a good fit.

He offers up his ass for some pretty heavy pounding and slapping as Colby takes him every which way but loose in the hotel room where the walls echo to the sounds of gasps, grunts and virgin guy getting his cherry popped by a tough older stud. Johnny gets flipped onto his back, his legs spread, his hole invaded to the depths while he strokes his own cut cock until he’s unable to stop. He shoots over his trimmed pubes and tight body, finally getting a drenching of man-juice from his stud. But will this servicing get him closer to the sister he’s interested in? What do you think?

Johnny Rapid Gay Orgy

Johnny had been on his knee joints this time, his solid white bottom in mid-air. He had been deep throating that cock voluntarily this time, the glowing inflammation had wide spread to his mouth, and while he grabbed his mouth from the shaft and began slurping Hayden Richards bald balls Blaze could easily notice that his tongue had gotten that abnormal red as well. He first saw it in some other users also. He furthermore spotted his friends ready assholes, blink at him. Now Rapid was ready to fuck.
With Dominic Reed giant dick applied intensely and also firmly in Johnny´s anus, Logan Vaughn placed both of his hands upon their bed and started to seriously hammer that man-cunt, which had been extended and loaded by a couple of gigantic cocks. But Johnny needed more so he was begged for more, “you are not complete, i really want you to fuck me hard. I want your hard cock up my bottom! Fuck me please”
His butt was tight as hell. They were able to sense it squeeze toward the base of his cock once they pushed their big hard shaft in. It did not take very long for him to plateau, and he gave Johnny warning. “I am planning to shoot my jizz inside you , do you want it inside?”

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