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They are getting colourful over at Gods Of Men. In their latest scene they’ve got the Johnny Rapid alongside the blonde Topher Dimaggio. Both have blue eyes and colourful tattoos, but there are other differences. Johnny Rapid is a top and Topher Dimaggio is a bottom. Johnny’s appeared in four movies now and also appears in one of the main header, banners for and Topher is making only his second appearance in this scene, ‘Bathe And Misbehave.’ As I said, it’s from Gods Of Men where find their hunkiest, spunkiest, studs to appear in real man-with-man scenes that are filmed like cinema epics. These are the kinds of films that put this company at the top of the list when it comes to best exclusive hardcore gay porn movie making, if there is such a list; and I am pretty sure there is.

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I don’t know who provides the music for these scenes but I reckon they should release an album. It’s atmospheric, well written and goes nicely with the professional visuals. We open with such music and the sight of Topher Dimaggio lying in his bed while, next door, his lover, Johnny Rapid luxuriates in a bubble bath. Johnny calls him in and the two guys start to make out. That’s what these Gods Of Men movies are all about: the love making between two hunky guys, two Gods if you like. There’s no great storyline though we know that these two are a couple of some sort, and there is no on-going series, no episodes. Just good old hardcore gay sex.
But filmed in a magical and romantic way, so the kissing in the bath soon leads to more passionate kissing out of the bath, the guys standing up in the bathroom, their hands running all over each other’s bodies, their bearded faces clamped together at the mouth as fingers stretch towards asses and cocks rub together between legs. And those cocks are getting harder by the second so when Topher goes down on Johnny and buries his face in the other guy’s flame red pubes, he finds nothing less than a rigid cut cock to work his lips around.
Topher Dimaggio worshiping Johnny Rapid’s cock soon leads to Johnny worshiping Dimaggio’s ass. He bends his lover over and splits his ass cheeks, opening up the guy’s puckered hole for all to see and for his tongue to reach. Topher loves this kind of anal attention and Johnny loves to give it. The rimming session lasts a good length of time before the guys decide to take this into the bedroom, which is where Johnny Rapid enters his lover from behind, with Topher on all fours, his ass up in the air ready to receive a good cock bashing. He works his toned, tattooed ass back and forth swallowing all of Johnny’s boner as he gets himself drilled powerfully from behind.

The guys take breaks, so that Johnny can do some more work on the Topher Dimaggio ( watch all of Topher videos at ) cock, getting himself face-fucked from above, licking the shaft and getting a bearded face full of the bottom guy’s cut dick. And then it’s back to ass action again as the two drive themselves towards a great finale. Johnny drills his dick in deep, and Topher’s ass rises to meet the challenge, and he’s still being fucked when he fists his cock to a climax and dumps his load over his lover’s chest and into his mouth. Johnny Rapid finishes off with a cum dump on Topher Dimaggio’s face and into his mouth too as, after all, these two lovers share everything. I reckon that after this it’s time to head back to that bath.

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Take Off Your Clothes is a new scene from the Drill My Hole stable starring the ever popular Topher DiMaggio and Johnny Rapid. Both of these models are fit, muscular, inked, well endowed and a delight to watch.
There is little introduction here, and we are taken straight to the action. The scene starts with the two room-mates in their apartment late at night, preparing to head to bed. There is however, some obvious sexual tension in the air and the guys hesitate while they eye each other and try to read their mate. Johnny takes the plunge and follows Topher into his bedroom,where we hear the immortal line, “Take off your clothes.”

Johnny undresses to reveal an impressive set of tattoos, and his flaccid but very meaty cock. Topher also strips and reveals his glorious eight and a half inch cock that is already springing to life. Johnny goes down on Topher in an intense cock sucking session. Topher has a smooth, toned body, and a big pair of nuts hanging below his long schlong. Johnny spends time touching and exploring Topher’s body, before leaping onto the bed and squatting over Topher’s eager man meat.
A very long, and hot, ass pounding follows with Topher taking his room mate in a variety of positions. He moves his hips slowly up and down as he sits on Topher’s tool. He faces Topher, then turns around, showing off both his toned ass and huge floppy cock to the camera as his hole is drilled. Towards the end of the scene Topher takes that bubble butt doggy style and the heat continues to increase.
Before the fade out, both guys reach hot and messy climaxes. Rapid first, quickly followed by Topher. This isa hot scene, and another winner from Drill My Hole. The models have great chemistry, and have captured that on screen with one hot, and very long anal session.

XXXMas with Johnny Rapid

Johnny with his new mates Colby Jansen, Tom Faulk and Topher Di Maggio are together at the health club throughout a intense blizzard. Rapid attempts to make a run for it but sadly it is really freezing outside so he chooses to stay with his friends. And when the lights is out, there is no more to say and the jeans go off and the mates pass the evening with fucking and sucking eachother in the cold locker room to keep warm. For several hours they just laid there with their tight asses getting fucked. A little groan escaped Johnny lips when Tom´s tongue sucked on his shaved balls, pulling his tongue right down to the tight pink hole in his ass.


Duncan Black , Johnny Rapid , Topher Di Maggio at Big Dicks At School

Johnny Rapid and Duncan Black are two roommates in college preparing for their big test. But learning’s boring and the talk quickly changes to talk of sex and who Duncan can get into bed. The bet is on. Topher Di Maggio, the stunning young Teaching Assistant, is the challenge. Straight? Not a problem for Duncan as he heads over to the study where Topher just happens to be working in his tight fitting underwear. What’s a student to do when his butch, half-naked, straight talking TA is right there, his cock outlined only inches away? He comes out with it: straight or gay?

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Topher knows exactly what’s going on, and his cock is rising to the challenge as he squares up with his student. He’s straight, Duncan’s gay, but a gay guy sucking a big, straight cock is no big deal. But, judging from the sounds Topher’s making as those sweet lips start to service his shaft, he’s no stranger to this kind of attention. He fucks that tight mouth, makes his student choke, offers him his nuts to lick and worship, and then even lets Duncan get out his own six inches to play with has he face-fucks him until his lips are raw.

Straight men like tight holes and Duncan’s got one ready and willing. The TA is soon behind his student in more ways than one, drilling that tight ass, pounding his 8.5 cut cock harder and faster in and out. He flips the guys around, Duncan straddles him on the chair, his own cock flapping as he rides harder and faster. Now Topher is really in his rhythm, with Duncan on his back, jerking him until Duncan’s squirting his juice over his own chest and over his shoulder. The TA finally unloads on his student’s smooth stomach and the bet is won.