My Best Friend’s Husband Part 3

Produced for ‘Str8 To Gay’ and starring two of the hottest exclusive men for, Johnny Rapid and Will Braun, here’s the next part of My Best Friend’s Husband.
Johnny Rapid is a hot dude. He is young and cute and a natural in front of the camera and is in demand where ever he goes, on and off the screen. He has been in an amazing 125 hardcore flicks with since he first started with ‘Johnny and his dildo’, and he now has an incredible 34.8k followers on twitter and 22k on Facebook. This young man has a great future in front of him. Johnny is versatile with a great ass and a seven and a half inch cut cock; he is five foot six with brown hair, brown eyes and a smooth tight body.

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Will Braun started with in February 2015, his first movie is called ‘The New Exclusive: Will Braun’, where he fucks the lucky Jimmy Fanz. This is his twelfth flick with so far and he already has 11.4k followers in such a short time. Will has that cool college-guy edge about him and has a smooth chest and swimmer’s body. He is versatile with a seven inch cut cock and is five foot six inches and has brown hair and sea blue eyes.
This movie starts off with Johnny Rapid trying to find something in his garage when his best friend’s husband, Will Braun, turns up unexpected. He apologies for not spending more time with him, but he admits that he hasn’t been around because he has always though Johnny fancied him, and would try something on. Johnny laughs and tells him not to worry; he’s not after trying to seduce every straight man that comes along. This puts Will a bit more at ease. Johnny askes him to help find something in the garage and Will agrees to help. He bends over showing the crack of his ass as his shorts slip down slightly. Johnny can’t resist and touches the naked bit of man flesh on show, his tight ass. Will stands up, not happy, but Johnny makes a clever excuse and they carry on looking for the ‘something.’ It happens again and this time Johnny feels for Will’s erection through his shorts. He tells him to relax, they’re just going to have some fun.

Johnny kneels down in front of him, takes Will’s stiff dick out of his shorts and starts sucking and stroking on his cock. Will can’t believe how good it feels to have another man giving him a blowjob and it’s not long before he thrusts his hips backwards and forwards and face fucks Johnny’s cock-sucking lips.
Johnny asks Will if he wants to try sucking on his cock, he doesn’t need any persuading and goes down and takes Johnny’s cock into his mouth without anymore prompting. This time its Johnny’s turn to be excited and surprised. Will is so good at sucking on his cock he finds it hard to believe this is his first time. Will spits on Johnny’s cock and takes the whole lot down the back of his throat.

Will wants more and he rolls a condom on and sits down as Johnny squats over him and as he sits down on his cock, he rides him like a cowboy on a steed. Both men grunt and groan with pleasure as Johnny tightens his asshole and Will feels it clamp around his cock like a tight fitting glove.
There is great close-up action as Will drives his cock in and out of Johnny’s tight crack in different positions, ending up in the missionary. Johnny Rapid strokes his cock in perfect time with Will’s thrusting and shoots his cum all over his body. Will Braun stands up and, with one last grunt of passion, his cum spews out of his pulsating cock and lands all over Johnny’s thigh and ass.
Will leaves Johnny just lying there with cum dribbling down his body, and Johnny telling him he will see him again next week. I hope so!

Str8 To Gay pornstar John Evans fucking Johnny Rapid

Bros Who Fuck is the latest scene from Str8 To Gay, one of the sites that takes straight guys and puts them in gay hardcore scenes. This isn’t your ‘gay for pay’ stuff though; these models are doing this (and being paid for it) because that’s what they want to do. There is none of that stuff where a guy off-cam tempts the reluctant straight guy with more cash and then gets to blow him, or fuck him. Here we have well thought out stories, with characters, and so what we get is fantasy viewing, if you like. We get special scenarios that we can imagine ourselves in and that make the horny porn even hornier.

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In this scene we’ve got the ever twinky Johnny Rapid a veteran of the network, and he’s appearing with a new guy on the block, John Evans. The reason John is such a special watch in this scene is not just that it is his first, but also that it’s the first time, that I know of, that Johnny has taken a ten inch dick, and yes you read that correctly.

The scene starts with John and Johnny meeting for the first time in a diner and it turns out that John is married and straight, but that he has an open relationship with his wife. So every now and then he likes to swing with guys. And today he is not in the mood for hanging around. He wants to have Johnny here and now; well, in the rest room where he goes to wait while Johnny decides if it is worth the risk of getting caught.

John waits, and while he does he frees up his long cock and starts to get it hard. He doesn’t have to wait long though as soon Johnny is in there, down on his knees and worshiping his great length. And it’s a long, beautiful length too and you don’t have to be into big dicks to appreciate it. Straight guy John fucks the twink’s throat for a long while in the bathroom as the guys slowly strip down, forgetting that there are people outside in the restaurant. As John sucks Johnny’s dick the guys talk about John’s wife, giving a nice str8-to-gay edge to the scene, and then we move on to a great long ass-fucking scene over the sinks, with Johnny’s smooth butt taking all ten inches of John’s long cock.

It’s a great scene, and it comes across really well as a believable story about a straight guy just fancying a bit of baling with a gay guy. The fact that these two are so hot together hopefully means they will be appearing together in more scenes in the future.

Jimmy Johnson and Jack King fucking Johnny Rapid

Johnny Rapid are back in detention once again after having escaped from prison earlier last week, so now he is damn horny for some hard police sex. This ruttish young bastard can not be blamed with hot prison guards like Jimmy Johnson and Jack King who do not need more coaxing to get au naturel and fuck Johnny’s imprisoned brains out. Holding Cell is not as good as Prison Shower 2 or the famous Prison Shower with Rafael Alencar but its still Johnny getting his boy hole fucked hard so indeed watchable.

Johnny Rapid: Door to Door

The superhot Johnny Rapid is going door to door to acquire signatures for his anti-homosexual petition but finds out that he’s barking up the completely wrong tree when Jimmy Johnson informs him that he’s 100% gay. When Johnny attempts to get away from, Jimmy chooses to teach him about Gays…

Jizz Orgy – Winning Ball with Johnny Rapid

The soccer squad had a humbling defeat and the sports men place the fault on goal keeper Johnny Rapid. Disappointed as hell, the guys comes up with a way to discharge some anger and Johnny fares no better at keeping the other team from scoring many goals. In the college locker room they take hold of Johnny and makes him to suck their big hard cocks. Johnny manages his first double penetration including the massive dick of his Prison Shower costar Rafael Alencar fucking him hard in his tight twink ass

Johnny Rapid gets double penetrated

Today mega-bottom whore Johnny Rapid has engaged the supreme sin and brought down his becharmed man-taint. Horny MEN exclusive power bottom pornstar Johnny Rapid acquires his tight ass fucked firmly by Robert Van Damme and his big nightstick in the freshly Drill My Hole video “The Return of the Nightstick“. Johnny Rapid lied upon his police practical application and as he gets caught he gives mental attitude to the wrong night-stick-holding police force enlisting officer. Robert Van Damme teaches Johnny a full lesson he will not soon blank out with the aid of his large gay cock and the return of a night stick that was applied in MEN.COM classic “Prison Shower“.

Johnny Rapid at Str8 to Gay

Sexy young hottie Johnny Rapid is alittle tensed up today, his in need of a long and warm rub down and heads down to a nice local health club in his town. After professional massage therapist Cole Harvey sees Johnny’s tense hard cock he knows exactly what treatment that needs to be applied.

Rafael Alencar fucking Johnny Rapid hard

Rafael Alencar may or may not be among the very first people you’d prefer to meet in the precooled shower on your first day in the local prison house, particularly if you’ve a super blistering ass like Johnny Rapid has. Johnny just wants to take a decent cool shower after a nerve-racking day but he soon catches out that there’s no rest for the wicked here. Rafael want to fuck his tight ass hard today , and so he does.