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Gay Groupsex with Johnny Rapid, Tom Faulk and Jack King

So, it’s night-time at the college, the shower room is silent, but dark and good-looking Jack King has a raging hardon and is stroking his cut nine inch cock, with his heavy nuts hanging down and is clearly need to cum. He thought he was alone behind the shower curtain but someone has come looking for him. And that someone is fit and handsome twink, Johnny Rapid, he’s come to ‘get this thing done.’ But what thing? And why the secrecy?

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The two guys shower together and then we start to understand: Johnny’s come to suck that great dick, to help Jack get off and the sound of the shower will cover the slurping and pleasure-gasping from the two guys behind the curtain. Johnny is a top cock sucker and really knows how to work a shaft. He gorges his sweet mouth on it while his own cut cocks grows in length between his legs. He deep throats, gags and jerks Jack’s cock and the guys forget where they are. They don’t hear Tom Faulk as he takes his shower next door. But Tom hears them, then sees them and then… well, when you’re invited for a BJ by the best cock sucker on campus, even straight looking tattooed stud Tom has to give in.

A classic three-way starts up with young Johnny being the mouth in the middle that gets to feast on two college jock cocks at once. He sucks one while wanking the other before the guys swap around. Tom really gets into the cock sucking before someone suggests they try something else. Johnny not only has a sweet mouth but he also has a willing and tight ass. Jack knows what he wants and shows Tom exactly how hot it can be to fuck a guy’s ass. Johnny loves it of course and opens up willingly for his dorm mates. He sits on one cock while he sucks the other, his own long meat now flapping around, then being grabbed and played with.

The other two guys take it in turns to fuck his hole, stretching it wide, using it as their plaything, bending him over on his back, plunging in deep, all the way down as Johnny gasps and grunts begging for more. He finally gets his reward as Jack and Tom pour out their juice, hitting Johnny’s chest and getting him in the face with their white goo. Young Johnny is the last to get himself off and soon he’s dripping with jizz and in need of another shower.

College John is another on-going series of sexy adventures, his time at college and is a great example of perfect porn filmmaking from Big Dicks At School. It stars one of Men.com’s top twinks, Johnny Rapid who has now made 92 movies for this top gay hardcore site and will leave you in a sweat and in need of a shower too.

Cowboy Gay Orgy with Johnny Rapid And Friends

The last part of Men.com “Going West” series is a five man orgy. And what an ending, I bet you are gonna love this Johnny Rapid and Hunter Page get pounded old west fashion by Cooper Reed, Chris Bines & Jack King! Hunter Page is DP’d for the very first time on Men. Remember you can always watch free video previews of all of Mr. Rapid porn movies at this blog!!!

Huge Johnny Rapid Gay Orgy

Johnny comes naked into the bathroom straight from a hardcore fuck session as the Turn Me Into A Whore series continues. He thinks it’s all over but Liam has got other ideas. Johnny is coming on well, but he admits he’s only ever been with one guy. He needs more training. So what’s the best way to make sure he’s got what it takes? Chiselled Liam takes him back into the bedroom and calls in reinforcements and wants to broadcast the entire show via gay cam that he just bought . Four more guys in fact, all hunky, all horny and all ready to put the trainee through his paces.

Tattooed stud Charlie Harding has brought along another twink plaything in the sexy shape of Riley Banks and, as the guys strip down stiffen up, Charlie and Johnny get to bend and suck in two groups of three. There’s enough muscled hunk to lay some over on the next state as these four horny dudes get their cocks sucked by their two obedient trainee whores. Before long the bed is a writhing mass of man-flesh. Johnny sees that Jimmy Johnson and Jack King are looked after, while it’s down to Riley to make sure Liam and Charlie get their fun.

The twinks get well and truly spit-roasted in all kinds of positions before the hunks are ready to empty their nuts. Jimmy, Jack, and Liam cover Riley’s chest with hot goo, Charlie comes on his face and even Johnny gets to empty his wad across rookie Riley’s already wet and dripping face. Johnny thanks the guys, they’ve been good to him, they’ve helped him in his training to turn him into a whore, and boy is he going to go a long way!

Johnny Rapid And Rocco Reed Orgy

Today newly gay pornstar Rocco Reed is just on the telephone together with sex comrade Charlie Harding, “Fucking bored to tears. Wanna bang?” he ask.
Not just was Charlie pretty much fucking horny, but so were a good number of of his buddies from Jizz Orgy. Rocco is accompanied initial by Charlie and very quickly by Jack King, Tony Paradise and Johnny Rapid. The adventure definitely is beautiful and extreme with both Mr. Reed and Mr. Rapid getting boned painful by a considerable amount of big dicks. Another hot porn scene from men.com. Join today and watch this movie in full lenght and HD for only $1.

Turn Me Into A Whore 3 with Johnny Rapid

In very first episode of the Turn Me Into A Whore series, Johnny Rapid was turned into a real fuck whore. In the next episode, his dream of being whorish enough for Liam Magnuson came to life. But no authentic whore ever feels like he’s enough of a whore. He will always do the whore thing better and sluttier – so he asks Liam to setup a orgy session with nasty and horny pornstars from jizz Orgy. So in came Jack King, Jimmy Johnson, Charlie Harding and Riley Banks ready to fuck Mr. Rapid hard the whole night all. As we thought Johnny couldn’t be more of a whore……

Jimmy Johnson and Jack King fucking Johnny Rapid

Johnny Rapid are back in detention once again after having escaped from prison earlier last week, so now he is damn horny for some hard police sex. This ruttish young bastard can not be blamed with hot prison guards like Jimmy Johnson and Jack King who do not need more coaxing to get au naturel and fuck Johnny’s imprisoned brains out. Holding Cell is not as good as Prison Shower 2 or the famous Prison Shower with Rafael Alencar but its still Johnny getting his boy hole fucked hard so indeed watchable.

Prison Shower 2 with Johnny Rapid

It has almost been one year ago as Johnny Rapid acquired his first genuine mouthful of prison house cock in an experience that led him a hardened criminal – baked for more manlike fucking. This time around Johnny attends the shower again making the 1st move and undergoes sucked, fucked & DP’d by security horny bodyguards Sebastian Young and MEN.COM newcomer Jack King. Wounder if this could happend in the serie Prison Break :) I would love to see Lincoln Burrows banging Johnny Rapid hard.